Welcome to The Lord Holme Library

In accordance with the School Library Association’s ‘purpose of a school library’, The Lord Holme Library strives ‘to provide a wide range of multimedia resources to support teaching and learning throughout the key stages, and foster a reading and information culture that promotes independent motivated readers and learners for life.’

The Lord Holme Library is located in the north side of the ground floor of the College. The Library is composed of the Library’s Main Room, the Study Room, the Library Office, the Manga Corner, and a Textbook Store Room.

The Lord Holme Library offers:

  • Over 11,000 books
  • Almost 2,000 educational and recreational films on DVD and BD (Blu-ray disc)
  • Approximately 150 audiocassettes and CD-ROMs
  • Over a dozen magazines and newspapers
  • Books, magazines and films in English, Czech, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese
  • An interactive Internet-accessible library automation database
  • Six iPads with WiFi connection for use in the Library
  • Two laptops, two portable DVD players, a portable BD player and a Kindle e-book reader
  • A high-speed copy machine, printer and scanner accessible with ISIC card or PIN (colour option!)
  • Three password-exclusive Internet periodical databases with access to thousands of magazines and newspapers from around the world

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 7:30 to 16:30

Librarian:  Michael Hubbell, M.L.S.

Library Assistant: Eva Smith