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Anastasia Avdejeva

Teacher of Russian

Anastasia was born in Russia as a bilingual Russian-Czech, grew up in Moscow and then moved to the north of the Czech Republic. She studied Russian and Spanish Philology at Brno’s Masaryk University and then Hispanic Studies at the University of Cádiz in Spain.

She returned to Brno to start her teaching career at various languages schools, while continuing her studies, before moving to Prague to combine teaching with translating and short projects in the nonprofit sector. She taught Russian and Spanish at the Business Academy secondary school for 8 years and now, after a 3-year break, she is returning to a part-time teaching role, here at ECP, while also working with META, o.p.s. – an organisation focused on children with a different first language, supporting them in the educational system.

Anastasia is convinced that a passion for languages, literature and culture can be contagious and that is her starting point as a teacher. She believes that the knowledge of foreign languages not only helps us to communicate, but also to understand and to respect the differences between us.

She thinks better while walking than sitting, so she walks a lot, and she has a great passion for mountains, especially in the winter practising cross-country skiing.