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Eliška Hatinová

Head of Music

Graduated as Master of Piano performing and Music at Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno.

She gave piano recitals around Europe and thereby collaborated with many international musicians on and off the stage.

Through performing she discovered how important and rewarding it is to spread the passion and knowledge of music to younger generations.

Initially, she created a piano classroom for children aged 3-6 in which she specialized for several years.

After moving from Brno to Slovakia she worked for 13 years as a music teacher at an  international school in Bratislava.

She helped pace the way to building a dominant, active music department in the school with numerous ensembles, broad team of extra curricular instrumental teachers and rich concert schedule. Alongside this work, she completed curriculum-related training by the top music educational institute- Juilliard school in New York.

Having four children aged 9 to 19 she has become greatly familiar with the needs of students of all ages.

This year she joined the ECP. Beside teaching Music and Cultural studies classes she would like to focus on supporting students to pursue their small and large musical ambitions and build a strong music department capable of great musical performances.