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Insights into Psychology
ECP Psychology graduates provide expert advice and encouragement to current IB Psychology students as part of their Start of Year programme.
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Welcome back and Good Luck!
ECP helps students who want to go to Oxford by organising visits to the city and by holding events in school with its graduates who studied at Oxbridge.
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IB results 2023
Our best ever IB results!
We are pleased to report on some fantastic outcomes for our IB students. From 70 graduates a record number of 3 achieved the maximum 45 points!
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Trips in the newsletter
New issue of the ECP Newsletter (Issue 35)
Read the latest issue of the ECP newsletter. It brings information about the Graduation Ceremony, end-of-year trips around the Czech Republic as well as abroad, student successes, various events, works of art and so much more.
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ECP Graduation 2023
ECP Graduation Ceremony 2023
ECP Graduates 2023 with outstanding achievements in both academic and co-curricular work during their IB studies were awarded prizes and all Graduates of 2023 were presented with their graduation certificates.
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entrance exam results
Entrance Exam Results for Year 1 – 2nd round
Results of Entrance Exams to Year 1 (2nd round) have been published. Find out more here.
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Coronation quiche
The Coronation of King Charles III
King Charles III's Coronation is celebrated in the English College in Prague with the Great Coronation Quiche Bake Off contest.
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entrance exam results
Entrance Exam Results for Year 1 – 1st round
Results of Entrance Exams to Year 1 (1st round) have been published. Find out more here.
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entrance exam results
Entrance Exam Results for Year 3
Results of Entrance Exams for Year 3. Find out more here.
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entrance exam results
Entrance Exam Results for Year 2
Entrance exam results for Year 2, April 2023. Find out more here.
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Events Calendar

Public Calendar iCAL Format
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Term Dates

Term Dates 2022/2023

Start of Term 101/09/2022
Half Term Holidays24/10/2022- 28/10/2022
End of Term 116/12/2022
Christmas Holidays19/12/2022- 04/01/2023
Start of Term 205/01/2023
Half Term Holidays13/2/2023- 17/2/2023
End of Term 231/3/2023
Easter Holidays3/04/2023- 14/04/2023
Start of Term 317/04/2023
End of Term 330/06/2023

Holidays 2022/2023

St. Wenceslas Day28/09/2022
Independence Day28/10/2022
Freedom & Democracy Day17/11/2022
Student Holiday / Staff Training18/11/2022
Christmas Eve24/12/2022
Christmas Day25/12/2022
2nd Day of Christmas26/12/2022
New Year's Day01/01/2023
Student Holiday / Staff Training03/02/2023
Good Friday7/04/2023
Easter Monday10/04/2023
Labour Day01/05/2023
Victory in Europe Day08/05/2023
Student Holiday / Staff Training02/06/2023

Term Dates 2023/2024

Start of Term 104/09/2023
Half Term Holidays23/10/2023 - 27/10/2023
End of Term 115/12/2023
Start of Term 203/01/2024
Half Term Holidays12/02/2024- 16/02/2024
End of Term 222/03/2024
Start of Term 308/04/2024
End of Term 328/06/2024

Holidays 2023/2024

St. Wenceslas Day28/09/2023
Independence Day28/10/2023
Student Holiday / Staff Training16/11/2023
Freedom & Democracy Day17/11/2023
Christmas Eve24/12/2023
Christmas Day25/12/2023
2nd Day of Christmas26/12/2023
New Year's Day01/01/2024
Student Holiday / Staff Training02/02/2024
Good Friday29/03/2024
Easter Monday01/04/2024
Labour Day01/05/2024
Victory in Europe Day08/05/2024
Student Holiday / Staff Training03/06/2024

Overview of Lectures 2007 - 2022

SubjectName of the lecturerName of the lectureSchool year
Science/TechnologyScientists from Institute of Hydrodynamics, Czech Academy of SciencesWater - The ancient mirror of the Stars2022/2023
Science/Technologydoc.RNDr Petr Hadrava (Czech Academy of Sciences)Astrophysics - What can we read from the Stars?2022/2023
Religion/HistoryRabbi David MaxaFrom Destruction to Revival: My journey to the Star of David2022/2023
Religion/HistoryEva Horelová12 stars on a blue background representing ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe.2022/2023
LiteraturePhDr. Hana Ulmanová, PhD, MACultural roots of American Literature2021/2022
Charity/PoliticsTom Damms (Dignity Restoring Hope)Lost Roots2021/2022
Politics/SportJUDr. Gerhard Bubník, LL.M. Life in the 20th century - Where to put down roots?2021/2022
Politics/HistorySieglinde VendolskyWhere are my roots?2021/2022
ARTMr. Kriss (Kristián Mensa)Found roots2021/2022
Politics/ MediaFrantišek VrábelHostile propaganda and the Abuse of the Internet2019/2020
Politics/ MediaJan BubeníkVelvet Revolution2019/2020
Science/TechnologyMgr. Petr Brož, Ph.D.What do we have to overcome to get to Mars?2019/2020
Science/MedicineMUDr. Martin Jan Stránský, M.DImpact of technology on the brain2019/2020
LiteratureDr Jitka ŠtollováShakespeare’s Villains: Rebels against Nature and God2018/2019
EnvironmentStanislav Lhota, M.Sc., Ph.D.Palm Oil: Future of Rainforests in Our Hands2018/2019
EconomyMilan BednářCircular Economy2018/2019
Biology/Enviroment/TOKLuděk BrožBoar Wars: Necropolitics of Resilience and Vulnerability in the Time of African Swine Fever2018/2019
Politics/ MediaBob KartousMedia's Influence on Politics and Society: starting with the youth2017/2018
PoliticsDr. Pepper D. CulpepperQuiet Politics, Noisy Politics, and Populism2017/2018
EconomyTomáš SedláčekThe world today2017/2018
Charity/TOKMudr Tomáš ŠebekDoctors without borders missions and leadership2017/2018
Politics/HistoryMichael ŽantovskýCzech and British Connections2016/2017
History/ArtDr Irena Edwards, Mr Petr KrpataConservation, protection and maintenance of cultural heritage in the Czech Republic2016/2017
LiteratureMr Justin QuinnWhat the Foreigners Really Think of Czechs, from Sherlock Holmes to the Daily Mail2016/2017
ARTMs Nika Kupyrova (ex student)Occupation: artist2015/2016
PoliticsMr. Erik BestEurope's new challenges2015/2016
Environment/EconomicsIng. Soňa JonášováCircular Economy - Current environmental problematics and possible solutions
PoliticsMr Karel RandákSecret Services and Terrorism2015/2016
HistoryIng. Jan Kovařovic, an ECP governor, and his guestsThe Prague English Grammar School – Our Older Schoolmates2014/2015
Charity/ Medicine/PoliticsMUDr. Tomáš ŠebekMédecins Sans Frontières - From Haiti to Northern Afghanistan2014/2015
Politics/HistoryMgr. Michal VodrážkaLeaving North Korea – The “Defectors”2014/2015
Politics/HistoryIng. Petr NosálekWhy is it Important to Know Our Own History?2014/2015
Charity/Medicine/Anna Rausová, Hana Robinson, Jan BártaWhat It's Like to Live with Multiple Sclerosis or Multiple Sclerosis Is Not about Forgetting2013/2014
PsychologyAlan LawDreams - a Psychological Perspective: Recent Answers to Old Questions2013/2014
LiteratureDr. Gyorgy "George" Toth The "American" Dream: Success and Failure2013/2014
Charity/BiologyArthur F. SniegonKedjom – Keku: Building a School in Africa Is Not Enough!2012/2013
LiteratureHenry EliotGeoffrey Chaucer and pilgrimage2012/2013
Politics/HistoryToman BrodRaoul Wallenberg2012/2013
Charity/GeographyMudr ŠebekMédecins Sans Frontière2012/2013
PoliticsAmerican EmbassyUSA INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS2011/2012
LiteratureStephen SiddallJohn Donne2011/2012
AstronomyDoc. RNDr. Vladimír Karas, DrSc.BLACK HOLES IN THE UNIVERSE2011/2012
SportDominik Hašek, Jiří JežekOLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES2011/2012
BiologyDoc. Jana AlbrechtováTrees: the best air-conditioning ever invented!2010/2011
Politics/ ArmyCaptain Magdaléna DvořákováCzech Army missions2010/2011
CharityMgr. Jiří KrálovecHospice for Children - Joy and Pain2010/2011
LiteratureThommy CooksonBoswells' “Life of Johnson“2010/2011
Politics and LawDavid Ondráček, director of NGO, Transparency InternationalTransparency in Politics2009/2010
EconomyDoc. Tomáš SedláčekEconomy of Evil and Good2009/2010
Charity/MedicineMrs. Pavla FrancováHow I see the world, while I cannot see - Anniversary of Braille2009/2010
LiteratureProf. HilskýW. Shakespeare´s Sonnets and translation2009/2010
Politics/ MediaMrs. Procházková, journalistRole of media today2008/2009
Charity/MedicineAnne de VoilWho is disabled?2008/2009
PoliticsMilan HorvátRoma community2008/2009
Literatureprof. doc. PhDr.Jan ČermákPleasure of translating - Boewulf in Czech2008/2009
HUMANTIES Politics/CivicsMgr. Martin Mejstřík (MP, student leader)Senate in the Czech Republic2007/2008
History/PoliticsPhDr.Alena HromádkováHelsinky accord and the growing movement of opposition in Central Europe2007/2008
Charity/GeograpyMudr.Martin Jarolímek– doctor, Head of Sanatorium in PragueCharity Work in Africa2007/2008
SportMudr.Lukáš Pollert . Olympics winner, doctorEthics in sport2007/2008