Our Faculties

  • The English College in Prague has seven academic Faculties

  • All subjects belong to a Faculty, led by a Head of Faculty (HoF)

  • The HoFs work closely with Senior Leadership on our academic programme

Pathways Through English
Are you interested in knowing the possible Pathways through your English

language studies before and after joining The English College in Prague? Look at this interactive diagram to see information about:

  • Entrance, Setting & Courses
  • Changing classes/moving sets
  • External exams in Year 4
  • Entry to the IB


Whether teaching native or non-native speakers, our overarching goal is to enable each student to develop their knowledge of and skills in the English language and to encourage a lifelong enjoyment of reading, as well as the confident use of the language on a daily basis. Through the skills of analysing literary and non-literary texts our students become familiar with the use of English in wide-ranging contexts and acquire a solid grounding in academic english and the ability to produce well-crafted written texts for a variety of purposes and audiences.

We offer comprehensive English support to all our non-native speakers. We assess their needs when they join the school and support them throughout their years at ECP. All subjects taught in English contain an element of language teaching, as teachers introduce vocabulary, explain definitions, and put the usage of terminology into context. Out students learn to use English with subtlety, accuracy and humour, as well as technical proficiency.

Link to Pathways interactive

Arts at ECP Arts Faculty Microsite

Our new microsite is a vibrant online space to explore the offerings of the Arts Faculty in more detail. In other words, we post updates, inspiration, articles and student gallery previews from Art, Music and Drama. With a burgeoning schedule of events, we intend to provide information through the site on our upcoming shows.

We are definitely keen to involve student voice. Therefore, we look forward to encouraging imaginative and insightful content from ECP’s own emerging actors, musicians, artists and dancers. In addition, this is also a fantastic space to explore the wider challenges, criticisms and current trends faced at present. Our first post kicked off with the question, “Why are the Arts important?” –  We are delighted to invite you to view the answer at arts.englishcollege.cz.