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The English College in Prague - Anglické gymnázium, o.p.s.

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Art is a thriving subject at ECP, and is not confined to art lessons. Our walls are an ever-evolving gallery of student creativity, and the IB Art Exhibition is one of the highlights of the school calendar. Our Art & Design Department supports the development of individual creativity within a structured framework including workshops, gallery visits and yearly art trips to cultural centres such as Venice, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna. Extra-curricular activities provided by Art staff and visiting artists/designers range from traditional crafts such as ceramics and photography, to the latest fusion of art and technology that is 3D printing.

Physical Education at ECP is also about teamwork, camaraderie, competition, sportsmanship and respecting teammates and opponents alike. There are regular competitions between the Houses, as well as against teams from other schools, where ECP are known for playing with heart and determination. The annual Sports Day involves the whole school community, including members of the graduating year who, although they have now left the school, return to lead their House teams into battle for one last time.

In Drama students the basic technical skills of stagecraft and have the opportunity to develop in areas like improvisation leading ultimately to devising their own work. There are regular ECP productions, staged at theatres throughout Prague. We value the experiences ours students get from performing to audiences, utilising the same spaces and facilities are professional actors. Music is also focused on performance, with ECP’s musicians appearing regularly at school events