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Anna Štrosová

HR Manager

Anna comes originally from Eastern Slovakia. After studying Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia in St Petersburg, she worked with children in a psychological counselling centre. 

After moving to Prague in 1992, she started working in Human Resources and at the same time, completed her HR education at the British Institute of Personnel Development in 1996. Anna began her career in the private sector in retail, as a Recruitment Officer, later working as an HR manager for several international companies in the insurance and automotive sectors and, most recently, for a Swiss pharmaceutical company.

She and her husband Dominik spent four years in Brussels, where they had two children who are now studying at King’s College London and the University of Glasgow. She considers the comprehensive development and meaningful education of children to be all parents’ most important contribution.

Anna very much welcomed the opportunity to join the ECP and to return to an educational environment. In her spare time, she enjoys studying, reading, attending theatre and film festivals and getting to know new cities and people. She also likes cycling and yoga.