Why ECP is Exciting

  • Alongside an academic education we provide a wide range of activities
  • Extra-curricular activities increase appeal when applying to international universities
  • Art, debating, sports, DofE Award, theatre, language clubs and more
  • We have introduced the CARITAS programme, which includes charity work and volunteering
  • An emphasis on pastoral care is fundamental to the life of the College

We care more – Pastoral Care

Students achieve most when they feel happy, secure and cared for. Our pastoral care is therefore central to the success of the College and our students.

  • Each student is under the overall care of a personal Tutor
  • Each student is a member of one of our four Houses, which are led by our Senior Tutors
  • Each Senior Tutor oversees the pastoral welfare of the students in their House for the entire time our students are at the College
  • Within the College many competitions are organised on a House basis and each year, four trophies are presented to the winning House, based academic, sporting and cultural achievements over the whole year

As is typical in many British schools, the College is divided into four Houses representing the four elements of Life or VITA:

Senior Tutors

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water - it will make ripples throughout the entire pond…” Jessy and Bryan Matteo

Glenn Bleaks

Senior Tutor - Aqua
Ignis is the god of fire, known for his young and light-hearted nature. He is joyful and loves to play but also has a warriorlike side. Among the gods he is a strong fighter and those who follow him never falter in battle for they have the fiery god at their side.

David Wyllyams

Senior Tutor - Ignis
Terra students aren’t ‘Born to Follow’ (Bon Jovi), but are independent, creative, empathic and are ready with the skills, desire and drive to change things for themselves and in the wider community and world for the better.

Helen Hulová

Senior Tutor – Terra
Pastoral care is central to our work at ECP - everything depends on it. In Ventus we try to make sure that the pastoral needs of all our students are met, and that we take an active, lighthearted but serious approach to all the house competitions and activities.

Samuel Bale

Senior Tutor - Ventus

We experience more – The :more programme

:more activities develop the all-round personality of each student, discover talents, support the community and bring pleasure to the lives of individuals and to the school. The :more programme uses real life experiences as a teaching tool – and therefore prepares students for any real life situation – and celebrates all kinds of creativity.

  • :more helps to extend students’ knowledge outside the classroom through educational trips, the Prague Programme, Theme of the Year and the Lecture Programme
  • :more develops a House spirit through many House competitions including the Cultural Olympiad and Sports Day
  • :more helps students to understand the need to help others through the Caritas Programme, which includes charity work and volunteering. Students not only help in many areas where help is needed, but also learn how to help most effectively
  • :more supports the Year Group communities through out-of-school trips, which mark the beginning and the end of the school year
  • :more encourages creativity through many events such as concerts, drama performances, exhibitions or the Festival of the Arts
  • :more includes a wide range of ECAs (extra-curricular activities)
  • :more encourages students to reflect more on what they experience and learn and to make notes about it in their Experience Books

“By seeking and blundering we learn.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“Nothing ever becomes real ’til it is experienced.” John Keats
“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” P. Coelho

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The English College in Prague – Anglické gymnazium o.p.s. is a selective six-year English grammar school, which is also part of the Czech school system. In 1995 it became the first school to offer the International Baccalaureate in the Czech Republic and every year around 70 of our students take the full IB Diploma exams.

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