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Smile charity project
SMILE photography exhibition
We cordially invite you to the opening of the second year of the photography exhibition SMILE: 24. 4. 2018, 5pm Bar and Gallery Champagneria, Průchodní 4, Praha 1 The exhibition will be held in support of the “Smile” project. Exhibited photographs will be auctioned; the money raised will go towards
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ECP Festival of The Arts
ECP Festival of The Arts: Drama, Dance, Music, Fashion Show
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ECP Cultural Olympiad
Once again, there was an extraordinary range of ECP talents on display at the Cultural Olympiad.
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Invitation to Experience Great Britain: British Market
Come and taste great British food and drink; see traditional British brands and modern technologies; enjoy British culture and entertainment; and explore British style and design. Come and visit our ECP stand.
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Václav Havel Scholarship Concert
A concert to raise money for the second Václav Havel Scholar, to enable a young person from the Roma community to study at the English College in Prague.
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Invitation to the ECP IB Art Exhibition
The Class of 2018 cordially invites you to the ECP IB Art Exhibition, which will take place at the Alex Knupp Gallery at the street Revoluční 17 in Prague on 20 March from 4pm.
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ECP students visit CERN
What is the universe made of? How did it start? Physicists at CERN are seeking answers, using some of the world's most powerful particle accelerators.
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Invitation to Václav Havel Scholarship Concert
Invitation to Václav Havel Scholarship Concert
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ECP Annual Debate
ECP students and special guests discussed the issues of discrimination and free speech in the school's Annual Debate 2018.
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Invitation to Asian Festival 2018 – The English College in Prague
Asian Festival 2018 - The English College in Prague
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Term Dates

Term Dates 2017/2018

Start of Term 104/09/2017
Half Term Holidays23/10/2017 - 27/10/2017
End of Term 115/12/2017
Christmas Holidays18/12/2017 - 05/01/2018
Start of Term 208/01/2018
Half Term Holidays12/2/2018 - 16/2/2018
End of Term 223/3/2018
Easter Holidays26-03-2018 - 06/04/2018
Start of Term 308/04/2018
Half Term Holidays31/05/2018 - 01/06/2018
End of Term 329/06/2018

Holidays 2017/2018

Czech National Day28/09/2017
Independence Day28/10/2017
Student Holiday / Staff Training16/11/2017
Freedom and Democracy Day17/11/2017
Christmas Eve24/12/2017
Christmas Day25/12/2017
2nd Day of Christmas26/12/2017
New Year's Day01/01/2018
Student Holiday / Staff Training02/02/2018
Good Friday30/03/2018
Easter Monday02/04/2018
Student Holiday / Staff Training30/04/2018
Labour Day01/05/2018
Liberation Day08/05/2018

Term Dates 2018/2019

Start of Term 103/09/2018
Half Term Holidays29/10/2018 - 02/11/2018
End of Term 114/12/2018
Christmas Holidays17/12/2018 - 04/01/2019
Start of Term 207/01/2019
Half Term Holidays18/2/2019 - 22/2/2019
End of Term 212/4/2019
Easter Holidays15-04-2019 - 26/04/2019
Start of Term 329/04/2019
End of Term 328/06/2019

Holidays 2018/2019

St. Wenceslas Day28/09/2018
Independence Day28/10/2018
Holiday / Staff Training19/11/2018
Freedom & Democracy Day17/11/2018
Christmas Eve24/12/2018
Christmas Day25/12/2018
2nd Day of Christmas26/12/2018
New Year's Day01/01/2019
Student Holiday / Staff Training01/02/2019
Good Friday19/04/2019
Easter Monday22/04/2019
Labour Day01/05/2019
Liberation Day08/05/2019
Student Holiday / Staff Training27/05/2019