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ECP 25th anniversary
New issue of the ECP Newsletter (Issue Sixteen)
Read the first issue of The ECP Newsletter in this academic year in which we are celebrating 25th anniversary of the school.
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ECP Open Day
Open Day on 14 November 2019
Come to the ECP Open Day on 14 November 2019 from 1pm to 5pm. You can meet with your students and teachers and get a tour of the school.
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ECP student council
Message from the new Student Council President
The new Student Council President presents his programme of structural changes. He wants to make all students feel that they have a voice.
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CERGE-EI Projects in Applied Economics for Talented Students
ECP students have been selected from schools across Prague to take part in this prestigious CERGE-EI programme of Charles University.
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ECP building
House Parents’ Meeting and ECP Family Barbecue
The English College held its House Parents' Meeting and Family Barbecue also during its 25th anniversary year. It was a great opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s tutor and other ECP staff.
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ECP 25th birthday cake
ECP’s 25th Birthday Party
ECP celebrated the start of its 25th anniversary year with a birthday party and their own Great British Bake-Off, showing students' creativity and skill.
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Team building at ECP
Problem Solving Day at ECP
On the second day of the new term we held a whole school activity called 'Problem Solving'. This involved students working in mixed year teams, but still in Houses, solving a range of problems.
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University Destinations 2019
Congratulations to our graduates of 2019 who are heading off to prestigious universities in the UK, the Czech Republic, Netherlands and other countries.
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ECP Knowledge News Network Television News
The launch of the English College Knowledge News Network, a thought-provoking news programme produced entirely by students.
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Year 1 students as Heads for a day
Our Year 1 students gained an opportunity to become the Head for a day as the main prize for winning first place in the recent Yin Yang Island Project competition. They are reflecting on their experience in this article.
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Events Calendar

Term Dates

Term Dates 2019/2020

Start of Term 102/09/2019
Half Term Holidays29/10/2019 - 01/11/2019
End of Term 113/12/2019
Christmas Holidays16/12/2019 - 03/01/2020
Start of Term 206/01/2020
Half Term Holidays17/2/2020 - 21/2/2020
End of Term 205/4/2020
Easter Holidays06-04-2020 - 17/04/2020
Start of Term 320/04/2020
End of Term 330/06/2020

Holidays 2019/2020

St. Wenceslas Day28/09/2019
Independence Day28/10/2019
Student Holiday / Staff Training18/11/2019
Freedom & Democracy Day17/11/2019
Christmas Eve24/12/2019
Christmas Day25/12/2019
2nd Day of Christmas26/12/2019
New Year's Day01/01/2020
Student Holiday / Staff Training31/01/2020
Good Friday10/04/2020
Easter Monday13/04/2020
Labour Day01/05/2020
Liberation Day08/05/2020
Student Holiday / Staff Training01/06/2020

Term Dates 2020/2021

Start of Term 131/08/2020
Half Term Holidays26/10/2020- 30/10/2020
End of Term 115/12/2020
Christmas Holidays16/12/2020- 05/01/2021
Start of Term 206/01/2021
Half Term Holidays15/2/2021- 19/2/2021
End of Term 226/3/2021
Easter Holidays27/03/2021- 11/04/2021
Start of Term 312/04/2021
End of Term 330/06/2021

Holidays 2020/2021

St. Wenceslas Day28/09/2020
Independence Day28/10/2020
Student Holiday / Staff Training16/11/2020
Freedom & Democracy Day17/11/2020
Christmas Eve24/12/2020
Christmas Day25/12/2020
2nd Day of Christmas26/12/2020
New Year's Day01/01/2021
Student Holiday / Staff Training29/01/2021
Good Friday2/04/2021
Easter Monday5/04/2021
Labour Day01/05/2021
Victory in Europe Day08/05/2021
Student Holiday / Staff Training03/06/2021
Headmaster’s Holiday04/06/2021

Overview of Lectures 2007 - 2019

SubjectName of the lecturerName of the lectureSchool yearVocation
LiteratureDr Jitka ŠtollováShakespeare’s Villains: Rebels against Nature and God2018/2019Junior Research Fellow in English/Jesus College, Oxford.
EnvironmentStanislav Lhota, M.Sc., Ph.D.Palm Oil: Future of Rainforests in Our Hands2018/2019Teacher and a research scientist/ Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
EconomyMilan BednářCircular Economy2018/2019ECP alumni and Business Analyst/Saltrex
Biology/Enviroment/TOKLuděk BrožBoar Wars: Necropolitics of Resilience and Vulnerability in the Time of African Swine Fever2018/2019Social anthropologist/the Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Politics/ MediaBob KartousMedia's Influence on Politics and Society: starting with the youth2017/2018Head of Communications/the EDUin think tank
PoliticsDr. Pepper D. CulpepperQuiet Politics, Noisy Politics, and Populism2017/2018 Blavatnik Professor of Government and Public Policy/the Blavatnik School of Government and a Professorial Fellow at Nuffield College/the University of Oxford
EconomyTomáš SedláčekThe world today2017/2018Chief macroeconomic strategist/CSOB, author of bestselling book "Economics of Good and Evil
Charity/TOKMudr Tomáš ŠebekDoctors without borders missions and leadership2017/2018Surgeon/Hospital na Františku and Médecins Sans Frontières
Politics/HistoryMichael ŽantovskýCzech and British Connections2016/2017Czech diplomat, politician, author, journalist, lyricist and psychologist
History/ArtDr Irena Edwards, Mr Petr KrpataConservation, protection and maintenance of cultural heritage in the Czech Republic2016/2017Irena Edwards - Chairman/Czech National Trust
Petr Krpata - member of the executive committee/Czech National Trust
LiteratureMr Justin QuinnWhat the Foreigners Really Think of Czechs, from Sherlock Holmes to the Daily Mail2016/2017Associate Professor of American and English Literature/Charles University | Faculty of Arts
ARTMs Nika Kupyrova (ex student)Occupation: artist2015/2016ECP alumni/Contemporary artist
PoliticsMr. Erik BestEurope's new challenges2015/2016Czech-American Journalist, publisher of the Fleet Sheet
Environment/EconomicsIng. Soňa JonášováCircular Economy - Current environmental problematics and possible solutions
2015/2016Founder and Director/Institute of Circular Economy (INCIEN)
PoliticsMr Karel RandákSecret Services and Terrorism2015/2016Former army intelligence officer, Member of the board/Anticorruption Endowment
HistoryIng. Jan Kovařovic, an ECP governor, and his guestsThe Prague English Grammar School – Our Older Schoolmates2014/2015ECP Governor and founder, alumni of the Prague English Grammar school (PEGS)
Charity/ Medicine/PoliticsMUDr. Tomáš ŠebekMédecins Sans Frontières - From Haiti to Northern Afghanistan2014/2015Surgeon/Hospital na Františku and Médecins Sans
Politics/HistoryMgr. Michal VodrážkaLeaving North Korea – The “Defectors”2014/2015Research fellow/Association for International Affairs
Politics/HistoryIng. Petr NosálekWhy is it Important to Know Our Own History?2014/2015Journalist, Editor of the Memory of the Nation (Paměť národa)
Charity/Medicine/Anna Rausová, Hana Robinson, Jan BártaWhat It's Like to Live with Multiple Sclerosis or Multiple Sclerosis Is Not about Forgetting2013/2014Jan Bárta - the founder of Nadační fond Impuls
PsychologyAlan LawDreams - a Psychological Perspective: Recent Answers to Old Questions2013/2014Former psychology teacher/ECP and writer
LiteratureDr. Gyorgy "George" Toth The "American" Dream: Success and Failure2013/2014Lecturer of post-1945 U.S. History and Transatlantic Relations at the division of History, Politics/Heritage of the University of Stirling
Charity/BiologyArthur F. SniegonKedjom – Keku: Building a School in Africa Is Not Enough!2012/2013Founder/Save-Elephants
LiteratureHenry EliotGeoffrey Chaucer and pilgrimage2012/2013Author and editor/CuriocityMag
Politics/HistoryToman BrodRaoul Wallenberg2012/2013Czech/Jewish historian and writer, Charter 77 signatory
Charity/GeographyMudr Tomáš ŠebekMédecins Sans Frontière2012/2013Surgeon/Hospital na Františku and Médecins Sans Frontières
PoliticsAmerican EmbassyUSA INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS2011/2012
LiteratureStephen SiddallJohn Donne2011/2012Teacher, writer (on Shakespeare), theatre director
AstronomyDoc. RNDr. Vladimír Karas, DrSc.BLACK HOLES IN THE UNIVERSE2011/2012Research Scientist and Professor of Astrophysics/Czech Academy of Sciences
SportDominik Hašek, Jiří JežekOLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES2011/2012Dominik Hašek - Czech ice hockey goalkeeper
Jiří Ježek - Czech road and track racing cyclist
BiologyDoc. Jana AlbrechtováTrees: the best air-conditioning ever invented!2010/2011Scientist and Professor/Faculty of Science of the Charles University
Politics/ ArmyCaptain Magdaléna DvořákováCzech army missions2010/2011Chief of Communication with public department
CharityMgr. Jiří KrálovecHospice for Children - Joy and Pain2010/2011Project coordinator and Social worker/Klíček -Hospice for Children
LiteratureThommy CooksonBoswells' “Life of Johnson“2010/2011Former Governor of the ECP and Headmaster of Winchester College/Kent
Politics and LawDavid Ondráčka, director of NGO, Transparency InternationalTransparency in Politics2009/2010Director of Czech branch/Transparency International
EconomyDoc. Tomáš SedláčekEconomy of Evil and Good2009/2010Chief macroeconomic strategist/CSOB, author of bestselling book "Economics of Good and Evil
Charity/MedicineMrs. Pavla FrancováHow I see the world, while I cannot see - Anniversary of Braille2009/2010Blind illustrator and Paralympic runner
LiteratureProf. HilskýW. Shakespeare´s Sonnets and translation2009/2010Shakespeare translator, Professor of English Literature/Charles University
Politics/ MediaMrs. ProcházkováRole of media today2008/2009Journalist
Charity/MedicineAnne de VoilWho is disabled?2008/2009
PoliticsMilan HorvátRoma community2008/2009
Literatureprof. doc. PhDr.Jan ČermákPleasure of translating - Boewulf in Czech2008/2009History of English language Professor/Charles University
HUMANTIES Politics/CivicsMgr. Martin Mejstřík (MP, student leader)Senate in the Czech Republic2007/2008Former politician and leader of the student protests during the Velvet revolution
History/PoliticsPhDr.Alena HromádkováHelsinky accord and the growing movement of opposition in Central Europe2007/2008Charles University Professor/Charter 77 signatory
Charity/GeograpyMudr. Martin JarolímekCharity Work in Africa2007/2008Head of therapeutic Sanatorium in Prague/Ondřejov
SportMudr.Lukáš Pollert . Ethics in sport2007/2008Olympics winner, doctor