Why we are proud of ECP…

  • We are proud of our reputation as a highly respected, academic school
  • Over 1200 students in total have graduated with the IB Diploma since 1994
  • ECP Alumni go on to top universities including Oxford and Cambridge
  • The stories of our graduates speak for themselves
  • Graduates regularly visit the College to advise current students

International Baccalaureate Results 2023

All ECP students are entered for the full IB Diploma, consisting of six subjects, the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and Creativity, Activity & Service.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Average over a 5-year period2023
ECP average score3537
World average score3130
ECP highest score*4445
Number of ECP students taking the Diploma7070
Number of ECP students with 38 points or more2131
% of ECP candidates with 38 points or more31%44%
% of ECP students passing the Diploma98%98%
World % of candidates passing the Diploma82%79%

(Maximum IB Score = 45)

3 students gained the maximum 45 IB points out of 179 students globally
30% of students (21) gained 40 or more points

University Destinations in 2023

  • United
  • Czech Republic21.1%
  • Dutch29%
  • Other European14%
  • USA & Canada4.2%
  • Australia or Gap Year2.8%

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Prize Winners 2023

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IB Team at ECP

The mission of the IB Team (Upper School Team) is to maintain our school as a centre of excellence for IB learning and preparedness for future success. We support students in three areas:

  • Learning: to set high standards and ensure exceptional IB pedagogical practice so all students reach their academic potential
  • Pastoral Care: to care for the well-being of all Upper School students
  • Universities and Careers: to provide sound advice and assistance with planning post-ECP study and work

We have high academic expectations for our students but couple this with unwavering guidance, rapport and encouragement.

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    Stephen HudsonDirector of the IB Diploma Programme, Head of Philosophy & Exams Officer

    Stephen Hudsontall

    Studying the IB Diploma Programme at the English College teaches students to be independent lifelong learners. It also fosters critical thinking and international mindedness. All of these are valuable attributes for the 21st century workplace.

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    Nicolas Hill,Director of Upper School; History

    Nicolas Hill,tall

    At the English College we do our best to ensure that students are given the information and advice that they need to apply to the top universities throughout the world. In addition, we organize yearly work experience programme with top companies in both Prague and London.

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    Terri CollierHead of Humanities, Head of Psychology, Head of TOK

    Terri Colliertall

    Working with students in tutor groups allows us to build relationships in a unique way. The soft skills that students gain through tutor time activities such as discussion, teamwork and presentation skills are central to the IB diploma and are important for future study and careers.


English College in Prague alumni can be found all over the world. Many are still in the Czech Republic, but others are as far away as the UK, Australia, America, Vietnam and China. Amongst them are artists, designers, academics, musicians, doctors, solicitors, businessmen and women, scientists, charity campaigners and diplomats – many different professions, but the thing they all share is the solid foundation of an ECP education.

Recent Graduates

Where are they now?

The ECPN is a network for the wider ECP community, providing a way for everyone who has been part of the ECP family over more than twenty years to keep in touch, maintaining a link between the College, all its alumni, their parents, former members of staff and governors. We hope that by broadening and strengthening these links, we will in turn strengthen the ECP so it can continue to fulfil and expand its mission of educating the next generation of young people in Prague. And as our alumni progress in their chosen careers, the ECPN will be there to help put them in touch with others who are in the same profession to offer advice and encouragement so that in another twenty years’ time, there will be successful ECP graduates in senior positions in all areas of Czech life, helping to make their country a better, more equitable and prosperous place.

All ECP students automatically become members of the ECP Network (ECPN) when they leave the school. Our graduates regularly visit the College to advise current students on universities and careers, sharing their experience and offering practical advice, helping to guide the next generation as they enter their adult lives. These visits make a great impression on the students. As one of them said after his visit: “Not only is it helping my old school, it is helping my country.”

Teacher Training

The College is a founding member of Teaching Together in Europe, a scheme that provides European placements for teachers who are training in the United Kingdom with Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT and PLSCITT.

Trainees have the opportunity to be placed in Brussels, Prague, or Rome, where they gain experience of the International Baccalaureate and are mentored by expert teachers from all over the world. These placements give them new ideas they can then bring back to British classrooms, and will prepare them for changes in education as the sector increasingly looks globally for inspiration.

We are also developing a relationship with One Cumbria to develop opportunities for their trainees and teachers to have internally-focused enhancements to their career development.

Being a training centre helps teachers at the College to reflect on and refine their own practice, as they mentor the trainees. The trainees always bring lots of new ideas and enthusiasm to our lessons, as they approach their new career with optimism and dynamic energy.


“These partnerships were born out of a desire to deepen connections between UK teacher training and British International schools in Europe. Our schools benefit so much from UK-trained teachers, and it is good for us to offer something in return. Educating children transcends national borders, and sharing ideas internationally will benefit us all.”

Tony Emmerson – Senior Deputy Head, English College in Prague

The College has also provided placements for trainee teachers through the Erasmus scheme, Charles University, and other networks.

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