Why we are proud of ECP…

  • We are proud of our reputation as a highly respected, academic school
  • Over 1,100 students in total have graduated with the IB Diploma since 1994
  • ECP Alumni go on to top universities including Oxford and Cambridge
  • The stories of our graduates speak for themselves
  • Graduates regularly visit the College to advise current students

University Destinations in 2017

  • United
    26 Students
  • Czech Republic17 Students
  • Netherlands11 Students
  • Other European5 Students
  • Canada2 Students
  • USA1 Student

60 students got into their first choice university. The remaining 10 students got into either their second choice university or through clearing.
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English College in Prague alumni can be found all over the world. Many are still in the Czech Republic, but others are as far away as the UK, Australia, America, Vietnam and China. Amongst them are artists, designers, academics, musicians, doctors, solicitors, businessmen and women, scientists, charity campaigners and diplomats – many different professions, but the thing they all share is the solid foundation of an ECP education.

Where are they now?

The ECPN is a network for the wider ECP community, providing a way for everyone who has been part of the ECP family over more than twenty years to keep in touch, maintaining a link between the College, all its alumni, their parents, former members of staff and governors. We hope that by broadening and strengthening these links, we will in turn strengthen the ECP so it can continue to fulfil and expand its mission of educating the next generation of young people in Prague. And as our alumni progress in their chosen careers, the ECPN will be there to help put them in touch with others who are in the same profession to offer advice and encouragement so that in another twenty years’ time, there will be successful ECP graduates in senior positions in all areas of Czech life, helping to make their country a better, more equitable and prosperous place.

All ECP students automatically become members of the ECP Network (ECPN) when they leave the school. Our graduates regularly visit the College to advise current students on universities and careers, sharing their experience and offering practical advice, helping to guide the next generation as they enter their adult lives. These visits make a great impression on the students. As one of them said after his visit: “Not only is it helping my old school, it is helping my country.”


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