Why choose the English College in Prague?

  • We are considered experts in delivering an IB education in the Czech Republic
  • Most of our graduates go on to prestigious international universities
  • We encourage active and independent learning
  • Most of our teachers are native English speakers
  • Our parents recommend us

Key facts you should know

  • 1600+Successful graduates
  • 24Oxbridge offers in the past 16 years
  • 100%Students take the full IB Diploma
  • 29 yrsIB experience
  • 90%of students got to their first-choice university
  • 153Students with over 40 pts at IB

Our Patrons

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    Karel SchwarzenbergPatron

    Karel Schwarzenberg

    The ECP was delighted that Karel Schwarzenberg agreed to become our new Czech Patron following the death of President Václav Havel. He joined HRH The Prince of Wales as Joint Patron.

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    Václav HavelFounder Patron

    Václav Havel

    “I appreciate the English College’s insistence on combining high academic standards with personal achievement in areas such as art and music, sport and debating, and strong sense of community involvement. The students emerge self-confident and articulate, fluent in English and at home on the international scene.”

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    His Majesty King Charles IIIFounder Patron

    His Majesty King Charles III

    "I have watched with great pleasure and a sense of pride as the College has grown and flourished. I was particularly glad to meet many of the students and staff during my last visit to Prague, and see for myself the friendly and stimulating environment at the College. I especially welcome the broader international vision the College encourages in its students and I am particularly glad to hear that several of them are now studying in the U.K."

Mission Statement

The English College in Prague was established, and continues to exist, to provide an English-medium education for young people in Prague, primarily of Czech origin, which is second to none academically but also develops every individual’s potential to the full and prepares them for the practical, social, intellectual and moral challenges that they will face in today’s globalised society.


We hope that English College students will find themselves in a happy, creative environment, in which they can discover and develop their talents, achieve academic goals commensurate with their intelligence and ability, and gain moral awareness and self-confidence. We also need to stimulate the imagination and promote intellectual curiosity across the curriculum. All these elements are necessary for the enhancement of self-esteem and the fulfillment of each student’s potential. Dr. Nigel Brown

What our parents say

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    Ivana ChvátalováParent

    Ivana Chvátalová

    The reason we chose The English College in Prague for our daughters was not only the academic results of the students and graduates of the school, but above all the individual approach, which, in my opinion, and my previous experience with other similar institutions, is really special and exceptional at this school.

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    Eva dos ReisParent

    Eva dos Reis

    For me, as a parent, the biggest advantage of the English College is communication. However important the other obvious benefits are - such as the teaching being in English, the highly professional background of the teachers, the excellent level of teaching - are, I personally value the attitude of the management, teachers and employees of the school the most, not only towards the students, but also towards the parents.

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    Brenton A. PharisParent

    Brenton A. Pharis

    ECP is teaching students to see the world around them in a more complex way in comparison to local schools. I like very much how the school contributes to the self-motivation of its students. On the part of management and teachers, I can see all the steps are well thought through, forming our children as susceptible, independent, friendly and educated personalities with very human attitudes towards the environment. I very much appreciate the friendly atmosphere at the school and on the other hand, also the elaborate rules that must be strictly followed.

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    Irena DuffkováParent

    Irena Duffková

    "Please be aware that in our eyes the ECP teachers are true heroes of our lives in the current Covid time learning situation. We cannot express enough our appreciation of their work. Their efforts directly form our children and they are indispensable to them."

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    Hana Kloučková, ECP parent

    Hana Kloučková, ECP parent

    The decision that our kids will study at ECP was one of the best we have ever made. I really appreciate how ECP teachers constantly inspire students to get the most out of them and help them to discover their talent. Although the school is quite demanding, I like that it teaches students to work hard while always being positive and motivating.

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    Gavin Flook, ECP parent

    Gavin Flook, ECP parent

    English College in Prague has managed to cultivate a sense of tradition and history in a relatively short period of time, whilst also being a very modern learning environment. I really appreciate the unique combination of these dimensions, which sit comfortably side by side and inspire the students and the staff to nurture a friendly yet disciplined environment. Personal responsibility is strongly emphasised and forms the basis for academic, sporting, cultural and pastoral development. I have become involved in the ECPA (parents' association) and have enjoyed collaborating with other parents willing to contribute to the success of the School. The School's leadership has encouraged our involvement, forming a stronger sense of community, which will ultimately pay back in terms of our children's education. The School is also innovative in other ways, such as showing great agility when classroom learning was disrupted and aligning its curriculum to prepare students for IB, University and careers.

About Us

The English College in Prague – Anglické gymnazium o.p.s. is a selective six-year English grammar school, which is also part of the Czech school system.

In 1995 it became the first school to offer the International Baccalaureate in the Czech Republic and every year around 70 of our students take the full IB Diploma exams.

Most ECP graduates go on to study at universities mainly in the UK, but also in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world.

The College is a public benefit company, established by the English College Foundation, and supervised by an independent body of unpaid Governors who give their time voluntarily.

Václav Havel’s message to ECP
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