Outstanding in Every Category!

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The school recently had a visit from the British Schools Overseas inspection team. This inspection takes place every three years, unlike Czech inspections which are every six years or so. The inspectors judge both the lessons and the school’s general operational health against the full gamut of British governmental standards that schools in the UK must comply with. 


The lead inspector of Penta International, Dr. Mark Evans has personally inspected the school four times since 2012. He was delighted to see the progress we had made from the last inspection in 2018. For the first time he judged the school to be “Outstanding in Every Category”. The report goes on to say that, “The College offers an excellent British education that meets the needs of its students in a truly context-sensitive manner.” In particular, they said that “The relationships between students and staff are outstanding…based on mutual respect and providing the foundations for excellent learning and teaching.”


It added that the “The curriculum provision is excellent. The College blends the required Czech curriculum with the best of the British curriculum very effectively”. The inspectors really liked the pre-IB curriculum saying that it “provides students with the necessary skills to meet the IB learner profile attributes and ultimately achieve high IB grades”. We received praise for our respect for humanist traditions as well.

Czech context

In the context of Czech culture, they mentioned that “There is a strong and palpable focus on the promotion of the values of the founders, such as freedom, respect for diversity and equality. The College also deeply values the Czech heritage, history and traditions, including them in the curriculum, presentations, assemblies and projects.”

Dr. Brown, the Headmaster, commented on this success as follows: ”We got the highest possible outcome – Outstanding in Every Category. We got a badge, one with gold writing and laurels. As I said to the Governors, I don’t really like badges, but I’ll take this one!”

You can read the full inspection report here.