An invitation to the 2019 Václav Havel Scholarship Concert

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The 2019 Václav Havel Scholarship Concert

Friday 15. 3. 2019 | 19.00 Barokní refektář Dominikánského kláštera sv. Jiljí, Jilská 5, Praha 1

  • Special guests – Ida Kelarová and Čhavorenge, Patricie Fuxová and Vesna
  • Hosted by – ECP students Kristýna Ryčovská and David Jehlička

Students, alumni and staff warmly invite you to this concert. We are studying at a school where the colour of your skin, accent, nationality, sexual orientation or religion do not play a role in how you are accepted. We value this and therefore, we would like to provide an opportunity for another Roma student to be able to study at our school. The Václav Havel Scholarship was founded by students of the English College in Prague in 2011, while the annual benefit concert is one of the main events organised to support the Scholarship. Come and support us so that, with your help, we can achieve our target of 2 million CZK!

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