ECP Christmas Fair

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ECP Christmas Fair 2018

90th anniversary of ECP’s Lime Tree of Freedom

This year we celebrate the 90th anniversary of ECP’s Lime Tree of Freedom, which is in our school garden.

We have decided to explore what had happened in the years since the planting of our lime tree, in the Czech Republic and the world, in the context of human rights. Each form group picked up some years and created cards with a description of events taking place in the given years.

The exhibition on the occasion of the Lime Tree of Freedom’s anniversary and lighting of 90 candles symbolically launched the last big event of this year’s school calendar – the ECP Christmas Fair.

Christmas Fair

From reindeer ring-toss to sugary strudel, our 2018 Christmas Fair was a merry time, made all the sweeter by knowing that funds raised go to charity each year. This year the English College Student Council chose to donate Christmas Fair proceeds to Ježíškova vnoučata (Jesus’s grandchildren), which grants Christmas wishes to elderly people who are alone on the holidays. The charity provides gifts like books and cosmetics, visits from volunteers, and trips to places like the theatre or childhood homes.

“It was great to see the whole school united and laughing together,” said Year 2 Student Council Member Emma Horáková. “The best part was definitely the push-up challenge, where everybody was standing by and cheering for the contestants. Overall, it was a splendid way of giving back at the time of Christmas.” A number of games were buzzing with participants, from chess to candy ping-pong. There were also student musical performances, a Christmas quiz and enough cakes to rival any Prague cukrárna.

In just a couple of hours, the fair raised over 10,000 CzK. “I think the Christmas fair was very successful,” said Year 5 student Jan-Jakub Jonáš. He led his tutor group’s hot chocolate-brewing endeavour and particularly enjoyed sampling the many food offerings on hand.

A big thank-you goes to Student Council Adviser and Head of Science Ms. Jean Kerr for organising the event so support can be given to charities each year. Ježíškova vnoučata in particular has brightened the holidays for over 14,000 elderly people; see here for more information.