Miroslava Kopicová joins the Board of Governors of the English College in Prague

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Miroslava Kopicová joins the Board of Governors of the English College in Prague

Miroslava Kopicová, a former Minister of Education, has become a member of the governing body of the English College in Prague. She will join thirteen other experts in their fields, Czech and British, whose role is to determine the ethos of the school, set the broad strategic framework and advise and support the Headmaster.

Welcoming the appointment, ECP Headmaster, Dr Nigel Brown, said:

“We are delighted that Miroslava Kopicová has accepted our invitation to join the governing body of the English College in Prague. Our Governors, Czech and British, have a broad range of experience and expertise and they give their time voluntarily because they support the liberal values and aims of the school and want to help us develop and continue to provide a first-class education for our mainly Czech students. Mrs Kopicová will bring a unique perspective to the Board and we are very lucky to have a former Education Minister to advise us on Czech educational matters.”

Miroslava Kopicová said:

“I felt honoured when I was asked to become a member of the English College in Prague’s Board of Governors. I have been involved in education for many years, and to me the ECP has always represented the highest professional and moral standards. Respect for the Founder Patrons of the ECP, Prince Charles and President Havel, is something I share and can still feel in the atmosphere of the school. Members of the Board are outstanding leaders, and the school management and its successful graduates are the pride of education. In my brief experience of the ECP so far, it is the performance of the students that has struck me in particular, and also how well the teachers have managed to overcome students’ usual shyness and reserve, and how they have embedded openness, humour, and a search for context in the teaching. It is a great inspiration for my own work, for finding ways of developing further education. I hope that my experience and knowledge of education, as well as involvement in exploring and addressing major societal challenges, can be an inspiration for the English College. Education is becoming more and more important nowadays. I would like to help the ECP to decide their next conceptual steps as well as facilitating their implementation. “

The other ECP Governors are:

Ann Lewis, Zdeněk Tůma, Elizabeth Cooke, Barbara Day, Vladimír Dvořáček, Simon Eliot, Petr Fiman, Jan Grozdanovič, Jan Kovařovic, Karel Kühnl, Margaret Rudland, Katie Schoultz, Weston Stacey

Biographical details are available on the ECP website.