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Eva dos Reis

Eva dos Reis


For me, as a parent, the biggest advantage of the English College is communication. However important the other obvious benefits are – such as the teaching being in English, the highly professional background of the teachers, the excellent level of teaching – are, I personally value the attitude of the management, teachers and employees of the school the most, not only towards the students, but also towards the parents.

My personal experience is that whenever something  needed to be addressed, from relatively minor matters to those involving my child’s health, I always knew that I could communicate my needs openly and truthfully and that there was someone to turn to, someone who was listening, took the situation seriously and solved it.

I had the opportunity to be one of the founding members of the Parents’ Association and participate in the creation of ties between the school and parents and also between parents. The school management has always been open to our suggestions and there has always been an open way to find the best possible joint solution.

Last but not least, I must highlight the fact that all the teachers I had the opportunity to meet during my child’s studies were professionals in their field – educated, open, friendly, demanding and consistent, with respect for the fact that students themselves are responsible for their education and in this process they are mutual partners.