Our best ever IB results!

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IB results 2023

We are pleased to report on some fantastic outcomes for our IB students. In a year when IB results fell back to pre-pandemic levels, here at ECP we improved our scores to well above pre-pandemic levels. We are delighted to announce that the year 2023 proved to be ECP’s best year ever for IB results. Our 70 students achieved a record 37-point average. 

Three ECP students achieved 45 points

From those 70 a record number of three achieved the maximum 45 points, which is a very exceptional result achieved only by less than 1% of all IB diploma candidates worldwide. 31 students (more than 44 %) scored 38 or more points. 38 points are usually the minimum entry requirement level for prestigious universities. In addition, 21 of our candidates (i.e. 30 %) scored 40 or more points, which is double the overall U.K. rate where most students are native English speakers. The year 2023 was also our best year yet for TOK results and for Extended Essay results. So very well done to the graduating class of 2023!

We also want to congratulate our teaching staff on the recent outstanding set of outcomes, as the last four years’ results are in the Top Five best ever IB scores in the College’s history. 

University Destinations

We have had another excellent year when it comes to university destinations, with students opting for some outstanding universities. These include institutions, such as Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, UCL, King’s College London, St Andrews, Trinity College Dublin, Leiden, University of Amsterdam, TU Delft, Sciences Po, Technical University of Munich, NYU, UBC, the University of Toronto and many other destinations. 

Around 32 % of our students opted for Holland this year, making it the most popular destination for ECP students for the first time ever. In addition, 25% of students opted for the UK and 12% opted for other European destinations. These students will be attending some of the very best universities in both Britain and Europe. Finally, around 21% of students opted for Czech universities, with many attending institutions, such as Charles University. Four of our students were accepted to either Medicine or Veterinary Science in the Czech Republic.

The courses are also as diverse as ever. Students opted for Law, Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, the Sciences, Arts and all the Humanities. A huge best of luck to all our successful graduates in their future university careers!

45 points in IB
One of our graduates achieving 45 points in IB
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