The Lord Holme Library

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During summer 2020, the Lord Holme Library underwent a massive reconstruction with the aim of creating a space that was tailored more effectively to meeting the needs of our students. Earlier in the year, students and teachers had been consulted about their ideas for developing the library to create a resource to house our extensive collection of books and to provide a flexible space that would support both quiet study and collaborative learning. Initial design ideas were then drawn up by former student, Sibel Rhea.

The walls separating the library office, textbook store and classroom were removed and a new space was created which is light and airy; giving more room for a quiet reading room and to house our collection of over 10,000 books. New carpets, lighting and furniture completed the look and finally, at the end of August, books were put back on the shelves and our new library took shape.

The excitement of new students visiting the library for the first time, and the enthusiasm of old students returning to this new space, was wonderful to see. One student recently remarked, “This is my favourite place to be in the whole school!” – and that was certainly our intention. We hope that this new space will encourage more students to use the library and to develop a life-long love for both reading and learning.

The newly refurbished Lord Holme Library is an exceptional space where staff and students can access information, read for pleasure or work in a peaceful environment. It is one of the best English language libraries in Prague, housing over 10,000 books, thousands of textbooks, a range of magazines and a photocopier. There are 10 computers available for students to use during the day and 10 laptops that students may borrow for use in lessons. In addition, the library has a large reading room that students can use throughout the day for quiet reading or private study.

The library catalogue, Destiny, is available 24/7 giving access to over 200 e-books as well as a range of subscription databases such as Britannica Schools, JSTOR Infobase and The Day as well as providing links to other free online resources. The Library staff are available before and after school and throughout the day to help students find appropriate resources, books to read or to support students with information searching or referencing.