Admissions Procedure

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Finance & Fees

Finance & Fees

The English College in Prague is a fee-paying school. Fees are payable in Czech crowns (CZK). Fees are subject to annual review and may be changed due to inflation or for other reasons. Parents must give one full term’s notice if their child is intending to leave the College before the end of Year 6; otherwise we will charge one term’s full fees due to late notification. Where the situation is uncertain it is advisable to discuss the matter with the Headmaster.

School fees

2024 / 2025 FeesPer Term CZKPer Year CZK
Year 1 - 2122,000366,000
Year 3 - 4128,000384,000
Year 5 - 6 IB & Maturita137,000411,000
Year 5 - 6 IB-Only157,000471,000
In addition, school fees include:

  • Induction trips in September 2024*
  • Trips at the end of the school year 2024/25*
  • IB and IGCSE exams

*for both events accommodation, transport and food is included

When first joining the ECP:

Refundable deposit for school fee:50,000 czk
Refundable deposit for books:15,000 czk


The generosity of all those who are choosing to make a donation to the English College in Prague is greatly appreciated. Whether for general school funds, specified items or individual scholarships or bursaries, these donations are really welcomed and change lives. For the avoidance of any doubt, the English College in Prague needs to make it clear that donations of any type or amount cannot in any way either officially or unofficially be related to preferential treatment in terms of admissions of new pupils or influence the application of normal school processes and rules to existing pupils. This statement is to protect both parties from the risk of unfavourable interpretations of such donations.

Recent donors

  • Pavel Šaroch, parent
  • ASPECTA s.r.o.
  • Mrs Vladimíra Husáková, our parent. Thank you for donation, purpose: Supporting school activities and involvement of highly qualified teachers.
  • Lacnea a.s. Donation of 100k czk in connection with the ancillary expenses to cover studies of newly arrived Ukrainian students to school in connection with the war in Ukraine and in support of the “Buddy system” concept.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships & Bursaries

Although we try hard to keep our fees as low as possible we realise that they are still very significant and we offer substantial scholarships and bursaries to help make it possible for all who want to come to the College to be able to do so. Many of our students benefit from these arrangements.

Social Bursaries

ECP supports students with excellent academic results, but limited or insufficient family income. By the end of spring term, parents of such students need to submit an official application form for the following school year to the Headmaster. The College carefully evaluates all applications and, based on availability of funds allocated for this purpose, decides on social bursaries for selected students, in the form of up to a 50% discount on the full school fees. A bursary is granted for one school year only and each year new applications must be submitted and are evaluated again based on the most recent academic results and the latest family income statements. 
If parents find themselves facing unanticipated economic difficulties during the course of the school year, they can apply to the Headmaster for financial support in meeting the continuing costs of their child’s education.

The deadline for submitting a completed application form for the next academic year is 22nd of March for all students.
The form can be downloaded here Social Bursaries Application. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Prince of Wales Scholarship

The Prince of Wales Scholarship will be awarded to an ambitious Czech student from a disadvantaged family, currently in Year 7 or Year 9 of a Czech school. The Prince of Wales Scholar will receive a full scholarship for six or four years at the English College, dependent upon their age on joining us in September. It will be awarded to a student who would not normally consider applying for a place at an independent school because of lack of funds.

Schwarzenberg Scholarship

Our Czech Patron, Karel Schwarzenberg, has agreed to the use of his name in connection with a Schwarzenberg Scholarship, which will enable a Czech student to attend the final four years at the English College in Prague. The scholarship is aimed at attracting a student who might not ordinarily be able to attend the College were the scholarship not available. Suitability will be judged on the likelihood of the student’s life chances and comparative academic success being significantly improved.

Prague 9 Academic Scholarship

This is a new scholarship designed to help prospective Year 3 students, who have completed all of their basic school education in Prague 9, to be able to come to ECP. The level of award is up to 50%, which will reflect academic potential and may take into account financial circumstances.  The scholarships are usually for a duration of two years, although with sustained excellent academic performance they will usually be continued for a further 2 years. The Prague 9 Scholarship is awarded at the same time a place is offered at the school.

One of the early graduates of the English College, Jan Barta, now a successful internet entrepreneur, generously funds six scholarships to enable promising young people who would not necessarily fit in well with the Czech school system to flourish at the College, as he believes he himself did. These scholarships can be for up to 100% of school fees. In addition, Barta Scholars receive a contribution towards living expenses and other co-curricular activities.  Holders of a Barta Scholarship are expected to help organise the annual concert for the Václav Havel Scholarship Fund and are required to undertake one charity project.

Václav Havel Scholarship

The Václav Havel Scholarship was founded by a group of Year 6 students who graduated in June 2011 and was intended to give Roma students access to an education at the English College. The school now financially supports this student-led initiative. These scholarships are usually held by up to two students in the school at any one time. They are for up to 100% of school fees. In addition, scholarship winners receive a contribution towards living expenses and other co-curricular activities. Along with the Barta Scholars, holders of the Havel Scholarship are expected to help organise the annual concert for the Václav Havel Scholarship Fund and are required to undertake one charity project.

English College Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship funds two Czech students who might need financial assistance either on entry or during their time at ECP. The scholarship is usually held by up to two students in the school at any one time. It involves a fee remission of up to 80% depending on circumstances.

Applications for Scholarships should be made via the Registrar by the 31st of March after which (and after passing the entrance exams) interviews will take place.

Talent Awards

A small amount of money is available to students who show exceptional talent in a certain area. This is not a scholarship but students who receive this award get modest help in developing their talent by subsidising experiences or facilitating access to resources. The number of awards made each year varies, but it is usually for three or four students in the school at any one time. In return, students are required to contribute significantly to the cultural life of the English College in Prague through school events, public occasions and by example. These awards are offers to existing students who show particular talent, as such there is no formal application process.

The Founders’ Academic Prizes

The Founders’ Academic Prizes are awarded each year. They are awarded to the two highest-achieving students in each year group on the basis of their performance throughout the previous academic year. The prizes are worth CZK 5000 and celebrated at the Annual Founders’ Day in October.