Art Exhibitions

Creativity is a key element of our school philosophy and :more programme itself. The Art Department promotes a vibrant and energetic atmosphere by facilitating a variety of specialisms including Fine Art (Drawing, Painting and Printmaking), Sculpture, Fashion Design, Architecture, Digital Photography, 3D Printing and Ceramics. Our students are inspired through their exploration of a broad range of cultural references and influenced by both traditional and contemporary art forms.

The Art Department has a reputation for promoting excellence and the interior of the school serves as a permanent showcase of student work for both the school community and also for visitors to ECP, who regularly comment on the quality and variety of the displays. We also incorporate student artwork into our print and marketing materials, and feature outstanding pieces in the annual school calendar.

Students are involved in charity projects, which involves creating and selling items such as puppets or ceramics, for instance at the Christmas Fair. A number of our senior students are also keen to involve themselves in developing independent exhibitions as part of the Creativity and Service opportunities that are incorporated in the IB core. Additionally, the English College schedules an annual series of exhibitions that showcase the array of work created across the year groups:

Term 1: The Pre IB Art Exhibition (Founders’ Day) aims to celebrate work from Years 3 and 4.

Term 2: The IB Art Exhibition is self-curated by students at an external, professional venue and is the final representation of work undertaken in Years 5 and 6.

Term 3: The Festival of the Arts Exhibition aims to showcase outstanding work from Years 1 & 2.