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Christopher Ott

English and Psychology

Christopher is from Canada and grew up in both Peterborough, Ontario and Invermere, British Columbia. He graduated from the University of Victoria with a double BSc in Psychology and English. He then did a 2-year BEd at the University of Alberta specializing in teaching English literature and Science.

Upon graduating from the University of Alberta, he moved  back to Peterborough and taught for the Kawartha Pine Ridge district school board for 10 years.  He moved to Shenzhen, China to teach English and Chemistry at a Canadian International school for 5 years. It is here where he met his wife, Beth, also a teacher at the same school. Christopher most recently taught for 3 years in Izmir, Turkey alongside his brother where he gained experience teaching IB Psychology, English and Chemistry before being hired as an English and Psychology teacher at the English College in Prague.

In his spare time, Christopher enjoys running, cycling, triathlon and camping.