Outside School Academic Competitions

Some students have particular talents and it is very important to support them in developing those talents. This is why we encourage our students to take part in many external school academic competitions. We are very proud that ECP students have twice won the Václav Havel Library Essay Competition and that we have also had very good results in various subject Olympiads. Our students are also regularly successful in the UKMT Maths Challenges, and several have achieved high enough scores to take part in the invitation-only Kangaroo challenges.

Information about these competitions is available in the Student Bulletin, with all relevant links, and posters publicising them can be found on the :more notice board.

Competitions ECP students have taken part in:

  • COBIS Poetry Competition
  • Lingvistická olympiáda
  • Olympiáda v českém jazyce
  • Ekonomická olympiáda
  • Student Investor Challenge
  • Logická olympiáda
  • British Biology Olympiad
  • Shake Me Up Shakespeare Online Festival
  • Regent’s University (London) Fashion Competition
  • UKMT Maths Challenge
  • Grey Kangaroo
  • Pink Kangaroo