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Alena Švejdová, Deputy Head (Co-Curriculum)

Deputy Head Co-Curriculum, Teacher of Czech & Czech Humanities

Alena graduated from Charles University with an MA in English Language and Literature, Czech Language and Literature and Pedagogy. Her career began during the Velvet Revolution and her experiences from that time were documented in Allan Miller’s film November´s Children. She organised English courses for students in cooperation with the Foundation for Civil Society, leading to the establishment of the Glotta School and the student foundation STUDNA.

In addition. she developed educational programmes working with American colleges, the Open Society Fund and Charter 77 Foundation. Later she taught Czech and became Head of the English Department at the Christian Grammar School in Prague. Drawing on her experience with many foundations, she was attracted by the mission and history of the ECP and joined the school in 1998 as a Czech teacher. Since then she has performed senior roles relating to university applications and pastoral care and is currently Deputy Head Co-curriculum.

In all her roles she has been passionate about a holistic approach to education and the personal and moral development of the students. From her own experience as an actor, director and writer of poetry, she truly believes in the power and value of the arts and keenly promotes Czech culture. Her family, including dog, cat, three grown-up children and one grandchild, means a lot to her. She loves gardening, travelling, reading and simply all the Arts. Her two most favourite things are nature and silence.