Congratulations to ECP graduates on great IB results!

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Congratulations to ECP graduates on another great set of IB results!

The IB results are out and 73 ECP graduates have passed the International Baccalaureate Diploma this year, with a top 10 average of 40 out of 45 points, a top 20 average of 38 and an overall average of 33. This compares with a world average last year of 29.95. Our Czech students also take the Maturita examination and this year, 59 graduates also gained the Maturita certificate.

The graduates are now heading off to top universities in the UK and Europe including the University of Oxford. 74% of those students going on to university this year have achieved their first choice. And a total of 83% will be going to their first or second choice of university. This compares with 64% and 80% in 2017. These figures will improve even further as universities make their final decisions on which students to accept.

The English College prides itself on offering a first-class education to help students develop into well-rounded individuals, capable of adapting to life after school and going on to have successful and happy lives and careers. We are proud of the Class of 2018’s results and of the Upper School Team and all the teachers who helped them achieve them.