ECP in the media – Tips for distance learning

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ECP in the media

The ECP is featured in’s March 24 article, Going the distance: teacher tips for doing distance learning – better.

Distance learning brings many challenges, ranging from technological hiccups to back pain and eye strain, and as children settle into remote education for the unforeseeable future, parents need to help them build stamina for learning at home. 

We spoke with two experienced teachers from The English College in Prague, a six-year grammar school in the Vysočany district, to see how they are rising to the challenge of teaching from a distance and what advice they’d give parents and children on the other side of the screen.

Daniel Ibbitson, Head of Computing and E-Learning Co-ordinator, said that The English College Prague was already using Google Apps for Education prior to lockdown, so the transition was rather seamless.

On Google Apps, “We can view all work in progress, we can have smaller breakout groups within each class and we also use a chat function, which allows for quick one-to-one communication,” he says. “Also, Google Classroom allows us to publish all class assignments and take in submissions and we’re then able to give the students written, verbal, and video feedback.”

Emily Rankin, Deputy Head for Teaching and Learning, says that while the school prepared promptly for distance learning “Time spent adapting in-class activities for the online arena, such as collaborative presentations or Socratic discussion,” took some adjusting to.

Both teachers recognize that it can be a challenge to motivate all pupils every day, but they are also inspired by how well students have performed under such challenging circumstances – and they are committed to helping their community get the most out of online learning for the duration.

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“Please be aware that in our eyes the ECP teachers are true heroes of our lives in the current Covid time learning situation. We cannot express enough our appreciation of their work. Their efforts directly form our children and they are indispensable to them.”

Irena Duffková