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Webinar on CEM

On Friday, ECP’s Senior Deputy Head, Tony Emmerson, will be leading a webinar for teachers. It is hosted by CEM, the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring. CEM is a leading provider of assessments and data analysis tools to educational institutions around the world. Many of them are prestigious HMC schools both in the UK and overseas.

Tony will be sharing his expertise and ideas on how to use data to support students in the international context. The webinar is part of ECP’s commitment to being at the forefront of the international education scene, combining the best of both British and International education in our own unique way.

Tony is currently responsible for curriculum and assessment at the English College in Prague. He is leading the Heads of Faculty team, and supporting the Headmaster in his role of Senior Deputy Head. He is a firm believer in the evolving role of ICT in education, as a tool to aid learning and also to prepare students for professional life in the 21st century.