ECP’s Lime Tree of Freedom

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Lime Tree

Celebrating ECP’s Lime Tree of Freedom

Last Saturday was National Tree Day. As part of this year’s Theme of the Year – the Natural World – we have been researching our own special tree, the Lime Tree of Freedom, whose 90th anniversary is next Saturday.

Founding of Czechoslovakia

A plaque at the base of the tree shows that it was planted on 27 October 1928 to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. But not many people know that it was one of a symbolic 1,918 similar lime trees planted throughout the republic.

Planted in October 1928

Students at the school that occupied our building in 1928 planted our own Lime Tree of Freedom. They were joined by representatives of Vysočany Town Hall, on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Republic.

It was also nearly the tenth anniversary of the end of World War I. During Remembrance Week next month, we will remember this important anniversary.

Its official name is Lípa svobody ve Vysočanech and we think that it is around 85 years old. When we last measured it, in 2015, its circumference was 187cm.

In 2012, Governors planted another new, complementary lime sapling in the car park. Beneath its roots was a time capsule. We hoped that those who come after us would learn something about the school and its students.

Green Heart of the ECP

Since the English College in Prague opened in September 1994, our lime tree has been the green heart of the school garden. It is now the site of the barbecue on the day that Years 4 and 6 go off on study leave before their exams.

We are proud that we are part of a country-wide network of lime trees. Students over the years have enjoyed eating their lunch, sitting under the dappled shade of its branches.