IB Reflection

The IB Programme is not only a demanding academic programme, but it also focuses on developing various skills. One of the skills that is seen as being very important is reflection. Students reflect on every area of their studies, but mainly on their CAS activities. Reflecting on the process of these activities helps students to gain as much as possible from each experience and to learn from their mistakes.

ECP might not have taught us what I thought was needed for basic adult life, such as how to deal with banks, taxes, and rent, but it has taught us something much more valuable and that is self-reflection. Yes, we are all triggered by the word reflection, but part of the theme of evolution was to also self-reflect on how we have grown as a person.

Without self-reflection we would not have seen our mistakes in order to improve them; we would not have realised what we truly stand by – our values; and most importantly we wouldn’t have grown to be the mature selves we are today. Through self-reflection, we also learnt to challenge our prejudices and become more open-minded and respectful.
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