IB Results 2017

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IB Results |

Congratulations to the 2017 IB class on achieving a point average of 33. Six students achieved 40 points or more, and the highest total was 44 points.

The 2017 cohort was one of the largest the College has had – 69 students. ECP enters all students for the full IB Diploma, with those on the Maturita programme also being awarded the Czech Maturita after passing the written and oral components in Czech language and literature. All 43 students were successful in their final  Maturita examinations. 51 of 65 students applying to university this summer have already had their acceptance confirmed, including places at the University of Oxford, St Andrews, York, University College London, TU Delft in the Netherlands and Charles University, with that number due to rise over the next few days.

ECP remains committed to supporting all our students through the full IB Diploma and the application process for the university that best suits their needs and aspirations. Today we both celebrate the 2017 results, and formally welcome the class of 2017 to the ECP Network – our alumni association that connects the ECP family wherever they are in the world.