PSME (Personal, Social and Moral Education) is a specific subject, which combines academic knowledge and personal approach to a range of areas. It also covers many civics topics. PSME is taught by tutors and it is also an opportunity for a tutor group to work together as a team. The PSME Co-ordinator regularly invites specialists into school to explore different themes in depth such as drug abuse or a better understanding of autism.

Discussions form an important part of PSME. Students learn how ethical issues are crucial in decision making, but they also learn that there could be many moral dilemmas. These discussions also help students to explore all aspects of the topic with moral impacts on an individual and on society.

PSME foci:
Year 1:
Health Diet and Living; Family, Refugee Crisis; Anti-Bullying; Puberty and Relationships; being part of the EU
Year 2:
Religion; Citizenship; Stress and ethical situations; Democracy and Human Rights; Alcohol Awareness Lecture; Sex Education
Year 3:
Drug Awareness Day; Introduction to Group 3 subjects, Unions, Finance, Law and Consent
Year 4:
Mental Health Awareness morning; Careers; continuing with Group 3 subjects
Year 5:
Preparation for university applications; Autism Awareness Lecture