ECP student in Akademie věd ČR research project

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Scientific research

Year 6 student, Kryštof Sršeň, has just achieved recognition for scientific research not normally associated with secondary school students. He has been named in a research article in the peer-reviewed international journal, Plos One.

Scientific Research

The goal of the work was to make an analogue with an increased binding affinity for the IGF2 receptor and develop a method by which this affinity could be measured. In the long run, this could help scientists find cures for some types of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 

Otevřena věda

Kryštof was working with far more experienced scientists on the Otevřena věda programme at Akademie věd ČR. Initially, he watched the other members of the team. But as the project continued, he became relatively independent. He performed all the steps involved in protein purification from bacteria, which produced the protein they used after being genetically modified. This summer he became more involved with the genetic modification itself. Apart from a range of laboratory techniques such as working with bacteria, gel electrophoresis and high pressure liquid chromatography, Kryštof learned how to write and understand scientific papers and protocols.

Conference Presentation

He said, “I enjoyed the fact that I got to meet so many new people studying the fields of biology and chemistry. I think that it’s such an amazing opportunity for a high school student. One of the highlights was when I participated in the judged student conference at the end of the year. I had to present all my research to a relatively large audience.

I would like to thank my supervisors, Lenka and Pavlo, as well as everyone else in the group, for making the whole experience so enjoyable.”


Kryštof joined the programme a couple of years ago at the suggestion of his then Science teacher. He was looking for ways to improve his university application. His name on a research paper will certainly have done that!