September Induction Trips

Every ECP student experiences 7 different trips during their first 4 years at our school. Trips frame the school year – at the beginning of the school year, there are induction trips and at the end of the school year, trips are more educationally focused. But each trip is educational in some way and it helps to build healthy relationships through team-building activities.

During the first week of school, students in Years 1 – 4 set off for the induction trips to the Krkonoše mountains, to west Bohemia, and to the Lužické and Jizerské mountains. The aim of each trip is not only to help new students adapt to a new school and make new friends, but they are also an opportunity for the whole year group to build a strong and friendly community. Each trip has a different focus, therefore the activities are always different and sometimes challenging.
In Year 4 the theme of the trip is researching the complicated history of the Sudetenland. Students can decide between joining a physically rather demanding trip to western Bohemia or a trip to Czech Switzerland where they can meet with German natives.

See the detailed booklets here:
Year 1: Welcome to ECP Trip
Year 2: Culture and Team Building Trip
Year 3: Mountain Trip
Year 4: Exploring History Trip, Year 4 Cycling and History

See the map of all ECP trips here.