ECP Entrance Exams – Important notice

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Hygienic Rules

Please be aware that due to the current COVID-19 situation, these following hygienic rules will have to be observed. Please find the official regulation from the Czech Ministry of Health here.


  • Please arrive at the time stated in your invitation. The timings have been adjusted to allow for a staggered arrival of candidates.
  • All persons in front of the school building must wear a respirator (adults) or a surgical mask (candidates) as determined by the valid regulations of the Ministry of Health. Kindly keep the distance of 2 m from other candidates/families.

Entry to school

  • Entry to the school building is allowed only to students/candidates, not to parents or guardians accompanying them, and only if
    • they don’t show symptoms of COVID-19 (high body temperature, cough, sudden loss of sense of smell/taste, etc.) and
    • if they provide a confirmation of a negative test result for COVID-19 where the test has been carried out by current school, by themselves or by a lay person in the last 7 days. This confirmation can be replaced by its equivalents (listed below).

Registration and showing confirmation of negative test result

  • During the registration and before entering the school building, each candidate will have to show the confirmation of a negative test result or its equivalent. We will not collect or copy the confirmation document but we will check its contents. The document needs to clearly state the candidate’s name, date and result of the test and it needs to clearly identify the institution that issued it (school, doctor, testing site or a lay person). The confirmation can also be a document in electronic form with an advanced electronic signature.

Testing for COVID-19

  • ECP is not obliged to provide COVID-19 tests for prospective students. You can ask for the test in your current school or you can visit your doctor or a public testing site. If there are any issues with getting the test done in one of the places mentioned above, please contact me without delay at or at +420 725 772 645.
  • We recommend doing the test a couple days before the exam (not earlier than 7 days before the exam, though!). Each person tested positive needs to contact their doctor immediately and go for a confirmation RT-PCR test. If the confirmation test comes out negative, candidate can come for entrance exams as planned. If the confirmation test comes out positive, you will follow the general instructions from the Ministry of Health and we will arrange another date for your son’s or daughter’s exam as long as you give me a notification about the positive result without delay and by 25th April at the very latest.

The certificate of the test carried out at your current school may be replaced by:

  1. proof that a person has had COVID-19, has finished isolation, and no more than 90 days passed since the first positive antigenic or PCR test,
  2. proof of a negative antigenic test result or RT-PCR test that is no more than 7 days old and issued by a doctor or at a testing site
  3. a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on vaccination against COVID-19, 
    1. at least 14 days have elapsed since administration of the second dose of the vaccine, or 
    2. at least 14 days have elapsed since administration of the first dose of the vaccine with a single-dose schedule.

In the school building

  • Candidates will have to wear a surgical mask as determined by the valid regulations of the Ministry of Health at all times. Staff members will wear a respirator at all times.
  • All candidates should have their own masks but we will be able to provide spare ones on site, too.
  • There will be short (about 15 min) breaks between the tests. We ask that candidates spend the breaks inside the school building or in the school playground area, weather permitting.
  • During breaks, the consumption of food and drinks will be possible only when 2m distance from others is observed.
  • There will be hand sanitizers for candidates to use. There will be running water, soap in a dispenser, hand sanitizer and disposable paper towels available in the bathrooms. We encourage candidates to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • The classrooms will be regularly ventilated during the breaks and all surfaces are going to be disinfected several times throughout the day.