ECP House Challenge Day

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House Challenge Day

The first ECP House Challenge Day took place on Wednesday, 27th May. Although physically distanced, all students competed for their House online by completing selected challenges. In the morning, they had to choose one physical challenge and in the afternoon they took part in an intellectual challenge. It was not just a day without  computers, it was much :more.

All participants had to upload a photo or video of what they had achieved in their activities. They managed to challenge themselves and learn or improve skills in various areas. Many students chose activities they would otherwise never have done. And the outcome was fascinating! There is a lot of creativity out there!

At the beginning there was a Starter challenge in which time was important and students had to construct a paper box according to instructions nets. The winner was Petr Chytil from Year 2 who won Ventus house’s  first points for the quickest submission. 

When all the activities were finished, teachers started assessing the provided entries to find winners in individual categories. They had to go through 324 files! Some students even involved their families in the videos, like Aneta Řehořová in her dance video:

Here are the results:

Congratulations to Terra for winning the house competition, followed by Aqua, Ventus and Ignis. It was a pleasure to see so much talent and joy come from trying challenging things!

Physical Challenges (individual categories)

Rope skipping
Winner – Dmitry Cheremisin, Y3 Terra

Winner – Antonie Kolínová and Veronika Šolcová Y2 (Terra and Ventus)

Winner – Lukáš Kašpar, Y2 Terra

Intellectual Challenges (individual categories)

Aircrafts – creating them and flying them looked simple, but it was not! 
Winner – Adam Víšek Y3 Ignis and Alexandr Jiroušek, Y1 Terra

Cooking, baking – thanks for many new recipes! 
Winners – Selma Kaymakci, Y3 Aqua and Jiří Veselý Y2 Aqua

Collage – A picture from photographs – these will be used for next year’s school calendar!

Winner – Sofie Balharová  Y1 Aqua

Credits for achievements gained by: 
Ema Srnková Y4 Aqua: Skipping rope
Sofia Kalinina, Y2 Ignis and Veronika Moravcová, Y1 Ignis: Collage
Aneta Řehořová, Y4 Ventus: Dance
Martin Růžička, Y3 Ventus: Skipping rope