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The launch of the English College Knowledge News Network, a thought-provoking news programme produced entirely by students.

Knowledge News Network or (KNN) is a student-driven media initiative. The students, alongside their teachers and a professional videographer, created a news programme with a twist. In the style of Panorama (UK) or Události (CZ), KNN doesn’t only report the news as it is but reports on how we know what we know or how we gather and assess the facts. In part a response to the rise of “clickbait” media and fake news and in part to enrich our IB Theory of Knowledge Programme, KNN asks students to demand more rigour of themselves in exactly how they know the things they know rather than simply accepting knowledge at face value.  With the use of a green screen to create our news studio and weather report, and various locations in and around the College, KNN tackles the hot topics of the year – technology, equality and the environment – and immerses students in the experience of being a journalist and news producer. First videos within this project are available below.

Watch first ever KNN News here