House Parents’ Meeting and ECP Family Barbecue

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ECP building

The English College held a House Parents’ Meeting and Family Barbecue in the second week of its 25th anniversary year. It was a great opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s tutor, Senior Tutor and other teachers. After a short introductory assembly in the Gym for all parents, there was an opportunity to meet with individual tutors in their house groups. To make identification of the houses easier, tutors as well as parents received lanyards in house colours. They are blue for Aqua, red for Ignis, yellow for Ventus and green for Terra. Everyone was then able to find people from their house more easily. There were also balloons in house colours to emphasise the importance of community values expressed through the house system.

The event was closed with a well-attended family barbecue on the school’s playground where parents could talk informally with ECP staff as well as other parents over nice food and drink. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making it a really successful event!