The English College in Prague’s approach to well-being during school closure

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Maintaining a sense of community and support

Many young people and their families may be feeling anxious and worried during school closure caused by COVID-19. To help with this, The English College in Prague has taken a number of well-being measures, as “Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Elements of our approach, to maintain a sense of community and support students during isolation, include:

  • Frequent communication with families and students via e-mail, bulletins and Google Meet
  • A 20% reduction of academic lessons in Years 1-4
  • A variety of well-being sessions integrated into our timetable
  • Student-organised online events during the holidays, such as an art competition and a Minecraft tournament
  • Regular online meetings with Tutors for continuity of pastoral care
  • A compilation of well-being activities, such as fitness bingo, terrarium building and mindfulness exercises
  • A distance version of our :more programme in lieu of in-school extracurricular activities
  • All e-lessons taking place on one, common platform: Google’s G Suite for Education
  • Lessons that incorporate movement and less screen time, where possible
  • 24-hour access to Pastoral care through a bespoke e-mail address

Physical Exercises

The ECP’s Physical Education (PE) lessons have continued as normal via e-learning, to combat students’ time on screens and assist them with staying in a fitness routine.

Mr Gavriněv and Mrs Gavriněvová have provided some inspiration for good physical exercises in self-isolation and they say, “Best wishes to you all to keep fit!”

Top well-being tips for home learning

The ECP is featured in’s March 31 article, 7 lessons parents with kids at home can learn from Prague educators. It suggests the following to help maximise wellness while engaging in distance learning:

1. Stick to a timetable

2. Communicate with teachers — and classmates

3. Balance online and offline learning

4. Be flexible and patient (with teachers, too!)

5. Use this time to teach other lessons

6. Create a private study space

7. Go easy on yourself

The English College in Prague is publishing a series of articles about its response to COVID-19; see our first one, on e-learning, here.


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