ECP IB Art Exhibition

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IB Art Exhibition 2019

A spectacular ECP IB Art Exhibition took place at the Pragovka Gallery. Well done to the IB Art students for their remarkable pieces of work.

ECP students:

  • Heda Antošová
  • Olya Fakeieva
  • Jan Loebl
  • Natalie Vacíková
  • Ly Leová

The Art department aims to work towards providing an environment which nurtures and actively encourages creativity and talent. Practical work develops through an ethos of praise and constructive dialogue between student and teacher. Students are exposed to a wide range of media and techniques and develop their appreciation of art through the generation of their own work and through the opportunity to see artwork in gallery settings. All students are encouraged to have ownership of their ideas and, beyond the Junior School introductory courses, students develop their work with guidance and advice from the teacher rather than instruction whenever possible.

The department works towards a wider involvement within the whole school environment through the use of displays and exhibitions in order to enhance the whole school profile. We have the facilities to accommodate a broad range of outcomes in both expressive and design  contexts and students enjoy a high level of success in IGCSE, IB and beyond.

“Art is a fundamental human process. Every society, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated, has expressed itself through art. Art is a dynamic and unifying activity, with great potential for the education of our children. The process of drawing, painting, or constructing is a complex one in which children bring together diverse elements of their experience to make a new and meaningful whole. In the process of selecting, interpreting, and reforming these elements, children have given us more than a picture or a sculpture; they have given us a part of themselves: how they think, feel, and see.” 

Lambert Brittain and Victor Lowenfeld from Creative and Mental Growth.