Lecture of Jan Bubeník at The English College

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30 years of freedom

17th November 1989 was undoubtedly an important day in Czech history. After more than 30 years, this event was presented to us by Jan Bubeník, who gave an engaging lecture as one of the most important student activists of the Velvet Revolution. The lecture lasting less than an hour and a half inspired the audience so much that Mr. Bubeník had to leave before he could answer all the interesting questions asked by our students.

Mr. Bubeník described the course of the revolution through his eyes. He told about the clashes between the demonstrators and the police units in which he found himself. Furthermore, the students learned more about Bubeník’s life, such as how he studied medicine at Charles University in Prague, sat in the then House of the People as the youngest member of parliament, studied in the United States, etc.

It was obvious that most students were interested in this history. The lecture went very well and most of the students surveyed had nothing but words of praise for Mr. Bubeník.

Michal Vu, Year 4 student