Message from the new Student Council President

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ECP student council

Kristýnka Nguyen (the Vice President of the Student Council) and I (Fred Byrne – President of the Student Council) plan to have a big impact on the English College in Prague. We ran on a platform to make the Student Council more transparent, accessible and democratic. We are doing this by making structural changes to it. The structural changes include a new suggestion form, representatives of each tutor group and a second election half way through the year.

Negotiations with the school’s management will become routine so that changes benefiting students are made more frequently. We will push for a new student to teacher feedback programme, a split of the interhouse sports competitions to the upper and lower school and the purchase of bean bag seats for relaxing.

We will also work towards reducing the school’s carbon footprint and ask nearby businesses to offer student discounts. The traditional role of the SC is also to plan events such as the Christmas Fair or Halloween Fair. We will, of course, continue to organise them. My hope is to make all students feel that they have a voice. When we leave the Student Council, we want it to be in a state that is more transparent and democratic. 

Fred Byrne, Student Council President

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