ECP/ECES Programme

University Program 

This is a partnership with the East and Central European Studies (ECES) study abroad programme of the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. This semester programme includes American and Erasmus students and classes are held in English. ECES offers classes in the Humanities: Art History, Gender Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Literature, History, Economics, Politics. 

The ECP/ECES partnership constitutes a unique opportunity for Year 4 and Upper school students to attend ECES lectures and to get a taste of university life. The process is simple: students look at the syllabi of the different courses, choose one or two specific classes they would like to attend and ECP organises their visit. ECP students are authorised two absences per semester to attend ECES lectures but are welcome to attend more outside of their class time.

Literary Festival & World Poetry Day

Every year, an exciting Literary Festival, celebrating the joy of reading, is organised by the library team. The Festival lasts for a whole week and includes an exciting range of stimulating activities intended to introduce students to a wider variety of authors and genres and to help them develop a deeper interest in reading for pleasure. National and international authors are invited to speak and to lead workshops with the aim of inspiring our students and helping them to discover new ideas.  Recent speakers have included: Martin Vopěnka (author), Štěpánka Jislová (comic illustrator), Jenny Valentine (author), Ash Dickinson (poet), Mara Menzies (storyteller), Seth Burkett (author), Karl Nova (poet), Kathryn Evans (author), Hana Ulmanová (translator) and many more… and many more….

World Poetry Day

Every year, we celebrate World Poetry Day on or around 21 March.  This day was established by UNESCO in 1999 to celebrate “the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.”   Leading up to the day, students are encouraged to learn poems by heart and to record their entries for the International Poetry by Heart Competition.  On the day itself, poetry readings and events are organised to encourage a love for poetry and an appreciation of its ability to express more profoundly the reality of the human condition. 

Annual Debate

Every year we organise a debate on a particular pressing theme or on a topic connected with the Theme of the Year. Distinguished external guests – specialists in their field – form the panel, together with students and teachers. The subject is discussed and explored in tutor time before the debate takes place so that students have enough information and can make better judgments.

Many discussion topics are controversial, which is a great opportunity to test our open-mindedness and tolerance. Thanks to the debates, students learn that having different opinions is not a problem, but what makes it problematic is a lack of good will to understand each other and a lack of mutual respect.


Studying foreign languages would not be effective without exploring cultures and countries, where the languages being studied are spoken. Young people naturally love meeting their peers despite the language barriers, which is a good basis for an exchange programme.

For many years we have been organising a French Exchange and we have established a strong relationship with the Lycée Notre Dame de Rezé in Nantes. We have recently established a Spanish exchange with Rivas-Luna Centro de Enseñanza in L’Eliana, Valencia which we hope will become a successful exchange too. Every year our students spend a week with the Spanish/French families and at a different time in the year the Spanish/French students come to Prague and enjoy the hospitality of our students’ families. Spanish/French and Czech students also sample the education that the other school provides as they attend some classes during their stay. Both the Spanish/French school and the ECP prepare interesting cultural programmes so that the exchange is a very enriching experience for all those involved.

Theme of the Year

At the end of each academic year, the school community decides on the theme that will be explored throughout the following school year. The theme is reflected in many activities and school events. It appears in the teaching of all subjects, which enables students to observe its complexity. Exploring a particular theme also gives teachers the opportunity to explore cross-curricular connections. 

Departments organise different activities including competitions. Literary festival and the very popular Culture olympiad have their main focus on the Theme of the year, which is always a creative challenge for all students. There are also lectures connected with the theme and the annual debate is usually the highlight of the year’s theme-related activities. 

Amongst the themes we have explored in previous years are Czech and British Connections, Internationalism, the Natural World, Technology, Time, Roots and The Star.

Festival of The Arts

The Festival of the Arts is our way of exposing students to the creative industries whilst building new skills in the visual and performing arts. Running annually, students in Years 1 and 2 take part in various workshops led mainly by external specialists – in drama, music, art and dance – for two days. It is an excellent opportunity for students to connect with other like-minded individuals, and forge new friendships. We advise students to opt for workshops which introduce them to new skills, thus providing a creative and enriching experience.  

At the end of the second day, there is a showcase of each of the workshops alongside an exhibition of Festival artwork.

Awareness Week

During the school year, we explore a range of different themes through our tutor time programme and assemblies. Students have the opportunity to express their opinions and also to learn about various topics, perspectives and ideas through a variety of activities. 

This is the list of awareness week topics: 

  • Leadership
  • Mental Health and Mindfulness
  • The History of the ECP
  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • Families and Healthy Relationships
  • Safeguarding and Internet Safety
  • Technology
  • Diversity and Equality
  • International Environment
  • LGBTQI+ History
  • Nature and the Environment
Work Experience

In the past we have run a competitive work experience scheme in both London and prague. Previous students have experienced the world of work in places as diverse as the House of Commons, Chatham House, the Orange Tree Theatre, a GP’s surgery, and legal and investment firms in London, to blue chip companies such as Deloitte and local NGOs in Prague. All this puts our students in the best possible position to achieve a fulfilling career in the future. This scheme was put on hold during the Covid pandemic and we are hoping to resuscitate it during 2023.

The programme was halted by the Covid crisis but the ECF hopes to reinstate it as and when conditions, including new working practices, allow. Meanwhile they are helping with online careers information and advice where required. In addition, we have commenced our first series of Parental Work Experience Placements whereby parents of current ECP students offer work placements for current students. We are grateful for our parents’ support, and we fully expect this to further supplement our existing work experience programme in the years to come.