Art Exhibitions

Creativity is a key element of our school philosophy and :more programme itself. The Art Department promotes a vibrant and energetic atmosphere by facilitating a variety of specialisms including Fine Art (Drawing, Painting and Printmaking), Sculpture, Fashion Design, Architecture, Digital Photography, 3D Printing and Ceramics. Our students are inspired through their exploration of a broad range of cultural references and influenced by both traditional and contemporary art forms.

The Art Department aims to promote excellence and the interior of the school serves as a permanent showcase of student work for both the school community and also for visitors to ECP. We also incorporate student artwork into our print and marketing materials, and feature outstanding pieces in the annual school calendar. 

A number of our senior students are also keen to involve themselves in developing independent exhibitions as part of the Creativity and Service opportunities that are incorporated in the IB core. Additionally, the English College schedules an annual series of exhibitions that showcase the array of work created across the year groups:

Term 1: The Founder’s Day Exhibition focuses on showcasing Prize Winners and Talent Award Winners, supplemented by selected pieces from Pre IB and IB.

Term 2: The IB Art Exhibition is self-curated by students at an external, professional venue and is the final representation of work undertaken in Years 5 and 6.

Term 3: Summer Art Exhibition aims to showcase outstanding work from across the year groups.


Music performances always have played an important role in school life. Music is not only part of all the main school events such as Founders’ Day and Prize Giving, but there are also many other musical events during the school year.

Open Mics, organised by the Head of Music, are rather informal musical events. Any student can try to perform and test his/her music talent.

The Václav Havel Scholarship Concert organised by students and supported by the Head of Music, is one of the biggest musical events of the school year. Its aim is to raise money for the Václav Havel Scholarship, but equally important is that it provides an opportunity to celebrate the talents of our musicians. Students also invite guest performers such as our former students or students from other Prague schools but the main guests are Roma musicians who always create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The main music event of the school year is undoubtedly the Christmas Concert – a traditional event held in a beautiful venue, the Emauzy Monastery,  where parents, students, and teachers enjoy the Christmas atmosphere through the musical performances of our students. The best ECP musicians and drama students create a programme with a wide range of musical performances and poetry readings. At the end of the concert, the audience and performers all sing Czech and English carols together. The concert not only provides a welcome opportunity to pause and reflect at the very hectic time of Advent and to enjoy the talents of our students, but it also helps a good cause. All the money raised is donated to the charity chosen by students at the beginning of the school year. 

Drama Performances

Drama has a unique position in our school. It is an academic subject – students can study Drama at IB level and students in the lower years can take the LAMDA examination, which is a distinguished theatre qualification.

But drama is not just a subject – it is a platform where students develop imagination and discover the power of creativity.  It is very popular as it is open to everyone – not only to those who are particularly talented. This gives any student an amazing opportunity to explore theatre art, to gain confidence in public speaking, to explore different stories and characters, to make new friends, to learn how teamwork is particularly important in theatre or just to enjoy the very special atmosphere of the theatre. 

There are several drama productions during the school year, organised either by the IB Drama students or by the Head of Drama. They take place in various small theatres in Prague or in the school’s Drama Studio.  

School productions are always very creative, unconventional and well-attended by students, parents, staff and friends of the College. One of the performances – a joint production by the Arts Faculty –  is watched by the whole lower school community during school time.

ECP Dracula’s Requiem 2023

FRAGMENTED – Theatre of the Absurd 2022