Problem Solving Day at ECP

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Team building at ECP

On the second day of the new term we held a whole school activity called ‘Problem Solving’.  This involved students working in mixed year teams, but still in Houses, solving a range of problems. Those included, for instance, Design and Communication where teams had to come up with their own advertisement and design for a new breakfast cereal. In Engineering, students were challenged to build a 1-metre span bridge from 50 sheets of paper that could carry a load of up to 1 kg. In addition, there were two practical leadership challenges. The first one was to build the highest tower out of spaghetti with a marshmallow at the top, while the second one was to put up two tents. Most of the team were blind-folded for this, while the two ‘sighted’ members were not allowed to touch the tents.

All proved challenging and a huge success. The event was a great start to the year and also helped new students to get to know existing students. Congratulations to Ignis as the winning house.

And here you can watch how ECP staff were preparing for the event.