Sport Tournaments with Other Schools

ECP’s best sportsmen and women of ECP have the opportunity to represent the school in competitions with other Czech and international schools. 

POPRASK is a Prague sports competition, in various sports disciplines, organised by DDM hl.města Prahy (The Prague House for Children and Young People). 

The International Schools Sport Association Prague (ISSAP) tournaments are organised by different international schools in Prague and again, involve many disciplines -football, basketball, volleyball, floorball, skiing, swimming, tennis, track and field.

Cultural Olympiad

Every school year students can use their specific artistic and creative talent, and helping their House to participate in the Cultural Olympiad. Cultural Captains, supported by their Senior Tutors, lead their teams and act as ambassadors and role models for creative participation. The event attracts around 100 performers, as well as over 100 entries for the Visual Arts categories.  The Arts Faculty organise the event, which is an afternoon extravaganza of entertainment, competition, and community spirit, with external judges invited to attend and rank each of our categories. The Cultural Olympiad takes place in Prague’s larger theatres, and this year the event is planned for the iconic Divadlo na Fidlovačce 

The winning House receives the Cultural Olympiad Cup and important points towards the whole-year House competition.

Performance Categories: Dance, Music, Drama, and Film

Visual Categories: Art and Photography (Winners are Photographer of the year and Artist of the Year). 

2023 Cultural Olympiad video

Interhouse Sports Tournaments

During the academic year, the Houses compete in different sports disciplines such as floorball, volleyball, basketball, football and table tennis. Sports Captains are in charge of creating and leading their teams. The competitions usually take place after school, but two of them have become whole school events taking place during the school day. These are therefore a good opportunity for all students and teachers to see top sports performances and to support their House teams. The atmosphere is always great – full of enthusiasm, joy and a determination to win!

Sports Day

Sports Day is a traditional event and marks the end of the school year. House Captains and Senior Tutors, together with the PE Department, prepare the programme, which involves a variety of sports disciplines. It is a great opportunity for students to take part in various sports competitions and to help their House win the Sports Day Cup. The highlight of Sports Day is the House Run in which teachers also take part and run for their House.

ECP Sports Day 2023

Library Awards

At ECP we are keen to develop a true love for reading in our students.  To support this, the top readers each term receive a celebratory certificate and gift token.  In addition, students are encouraged to participate in the ECP Reading Award. The ECP Reading Award is a prestigious prize that encourages students to read a diverse range of books including classics, poetry, contemporary and history fiction as well as non-fiction focused on topics such as philosophy, science or psychology.  To achieve the Bronze Award students need to complete 8 tasks ranging from shadowing a book award, attending a book group or exploring a controversial issue of modern life that has global consequences.  The Silver award requires students to complete 12 reading tasks and the Gold 16 Tasks. Winners of the Gold Award are presented each year on Founders’ Day.