University Destinations 2019

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ECP graduates of 2019 are heading off to prestigious universities

While being in school and having many experiences is fantastic, we are of course always focused on life beyond school. This year, we had our second largest cohort ever of graduating students. All of them – not just a selected few – do the full IB Diploma. All students, who took the Czech Maturita exam from Czech Language and Literature, have passed. At least 88% of students (excluding the handful who chose to take a gap year) got into either their first or second choice universities. This is especially impressive given how aspirational our students are to get into the very best institutions in the world. The others either got their insurance choice of university or are still considering their options.


This year we managed to maintain our 7-year run of having at least one student securing a place at either Oxford or Cambridge. Interestingly, the student who had been offered a place at Oxford got 44 IB points, but has chosen a different option. Instead, he will study Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, a truly world-class Ivy League university.

For the first time in many years, more students chose, of their own volition, to study in Prague. The increasing quality of Czech university courses (many offered in English) led just under a third of our students to study in places like Charles University and VŠE. The UK remains the second most popular destination. As usual, we have multiple students going to world-class universities. These include University College London, King’s College London, Exeter and Warwick. Our record of getting students into outstanding institutions worldwide remains one of our strengths at the ECP. The quality and variety of courses in English at Dutch universities draws our best students too. Notably Groningen University and the University of Amsterdam between them attracted 8 of this year’s graduates.

Over 1350 students have now graduated from the ECP with the IB Diploma since we opened 25 years ago. We wish them all well, but today in particular we wish all 77 of our 2019 graduates the very best at university and beyond. Please keep in touch!