Students’ Initiative

Graduation Ball

The Graduation Ball is a traditional Czech social event, which marks the beginning of the graduation process and always attracts a very large gathering of students, parents and friends. It is a formal event held in one of Prague’s traditional ball venues and the dress code is black tie.

Year 6 students usually start preparing for the Ball in Year 5. They are supported by the Deputy Head (Co-Curriculum), the Bursary office and the Marketing Manager. Students always decide on the theme of the Ball, which determines the design of the posters, tickets, sashes and tableau and also sets the tone of the evening’s programme. Students prepare a surprise dance, in which most of the year group is involved and it is usually the grand finale of the evening.

The organisation of the Graduation Ball is challenging and requires many skills. Students have to support each other and work together, developing a good team spirit. Students in Year 5 also help them, which is a very important experience for the organisation of their own Graduation Ball the following year.

The Graduation Ball is not only a highlight for the graduating year and their families, but also for Year 1 students and their families, as they are officially welcomed to the College.

Poetry Day

For many years our students have been working with with the organisation Zajíček na koni, which supports children and young people with a learning disability and their families. Zajíček na koni runs the cafe Ad Astra, which is an ideal place for organising poetry evenings. Students usually choose the theme of the evening, such as the work of Mácha, Karel Čapek or Jiří Orten and prepare a programme consisting of readings of the texts of various writers and also readings of poetry written by students and teachers. Musical performances always accompany the readings to create a very special atmosphere at these intimate literary events.

Václav Havel Scholarship Fundraising

Providing Opportunities and Building Bridges

In 2011, four ECP students decided, after finishing their IB exams, to raise enough money to provide an education at the English College for a young person from a less fortunate background, who would benefit significantly from the same opportunity that they themselves had had. Thanks to a very successful auction, they were able to raise a large amount of money, which laid the foundation for the Václav Havel Scholarship. Václav Havel, our Czech Founder Patron, allowed his name to be used for the Scholarship.

It was agreed that the Scholarship would support primarily Roma students, as ECP recognises how important it is to build bridges between Czechs and the Roma people, who historically have been at the margins of Czech society. ECP staff and students believe that education can elp to solve problematic issues but also, that by learning about the Roma community, its culture and its challenges, we can change the stereotypical views many have about Roma people. At ECP there are many students from different nationalities and all are welcome, as each individual enriches the school community with their unique culture.

In 2012, thanks to the Václav Havel Scholarship and support from ECP, in a young Roma, Marek Horváth, became an ECP student. He successfully graduated with the IB Diploma in 2018 and is now studying Ancient History, History and Culture of Islamic Lands at Charles University. Thanks to him, many students have changed their opinions, which had often been based solely on prejudice.

Then in 2016, a team consisting of seven students of different ages, followed up on the project started by their four former classmates. Their aim was to provide the same opportunity for another Roma boy or girl. that Marek had had. Every year the team organises a benefit concert and an awareness week about the Roma community. Some students already have left the team as they have graduated from the school, but new ones always come forward to help to build bridges.

See the Václav Havel Scholarship website.

Asian Festival

ECP’s Asian Festival is an annual celebration of Asian culture organised by our Asian students. Delicious food representing many different Asian cuisines, togetjer with music and dance performances, make the afternoon very special and very popular with students, staff, parents and the wider Asian community.

Thanks to the Festival’s very good reputation and professional organisation, students are supported by several ASEAN embassies, which send their representatives to support the Festival’s programme. The money raised at the event is donated to a charity chosen by the students.

Open Mic

Open Mic is organised mainly by students, supported by the Head of Music. It provides an opportunity for any student or teacher to perform in an informal environment. The evening has a very special atmosphere thanks to the variety of the individual and group performances. The great atmosphere is created by the music – the best language in the world – along with the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm and creativity.

Caritas Programme

Let us help everyone believe that they are not alone in any troubles they may have in their lives.

A very important part of school life is the Caritas Programme, which is popular amongst all our students. The Latin word Caritas stands for the Greek expression AGAPE, which was, according to the Ancient Greeks, the highest form of Love – the love that forgets about oneself in order to help someone else. By helping those who are less fortunate, students realise how important solidarity is and also acknowledge the value of making sacrifices to benefit other people. They also appreciate what values are important and how communication and good relationships are both meaningful and can change life for the better. Thus the Caritas programme gives students a unique opportunity to play an active role in making this world a better place.

Over the years we have established good relationships with different organisations representing the main areas where help is essential – such as the Military Hospital, Vila Vallila, Woods of Prague, Zajíček na koni and the retirement home in Vysočanywhere our students regularly help. For more information about these organisations see the Caritas section in the :more booklet. But students’ own projects, whose aims are to help, to support or to change things for the better, along with other charity work, are the most important.

In order to help students to develop the skills needed for running a purposeful charity project, we have incorporated into Tutor and PSME time, various activities focusing on different aspects of charity work. Students learn how to identify areas of need and how to find the best solution for effective action.

Student Council

Student Council Mission and Events – Introduction

The Student Council plays an important role in school life. It is a student body that represents students’ views and supports the student community. It consists of Tutor Group and House representatives and is led by the President, who is elected by the whole student community in September. The President, Vice President and Treasurer regularly meet the Headmaster and discuss SC proposals for improving school life or any issues that may occur from time to time. The Student Council also organises many events and chooses the charity supported by students during the academic year.

Student Council Events

Presidential Hustings
In September a new Student Council President is elected. Before the election candidates present their programmes in hustings.

Christmas Fair
The annual Christmas Fair is an informal occasion. Each tutor group takes part, encouraged and supported by the Senior Tutor. Money raised at the Fair is donated to a charity chosen by students at the beginning of the school year.

Cake Sales
Each term there are cake sales during morning break, organised by the Student Council, individual tutor or charity groups.

Valentine Roses
Students organise the sale of roses for those who would like to give a rose for Valentine’s Day. “Spreading the Love”, as it is sometimes called, makes the day very special.

Halloween event
Students organise stalls with food and activities connected with Halloween.

Barbecue for Year 6 and ‘Last Bell’ Celebrations
The Student Council organises a barbecue for the whole school farewell to Year 6 students.

Mentoring Programme

Starting at a new school is always an unsettling time. Children are afraid that they will not make new friends and that everything will be difficult. But all these worries disappear if you have an older friend you can turn to and who gives you advice in any school situation. At the ECP, mentors – students from Year 6 – take care of Year 1 students.

They meet them regularly, once a month, and at the Graduation Ball, they officially welcome them to the ECP. Clearly, it is also a great opportunity for mentors to experience a new role; the Mentoring Programme helps them to become more responsible and to experience how important strong relationships are.