ECP People

Senior Leadership Team

Our school is defined by the positive, mature relationships that students and staff enjoy in actively pursuing shared academic aspirations.
Dr. Nigel Brown
By knowing your child well academically as well as pastorally we can support and recognise their progress on an individual level.
Tony Emmerson
Senior Deputy Head
(Director of Studies)
Our school has a rich history and a vibrant, supportive community that underlines our commitment to the values of equality and tolerance.
Laurence Baxter
Deputy Head (Pastoral)
ECP classrooms are incubators of meaningful, compelling learning experiences. Facts and ideas aren’t simply recited; they are vigorously explored and evaluated.
Emily Rankin
Deputy Head
(Upper School &
Teaching and Learning)
In our school students do not only receive a high-quality education but they also explore because experience is the best teacher. The :more programme offers many opportunities for discovery and adventure - the adventure of learning more about life and thus enjoying life more.
Alena Švejdová
Deputy Head (Co-Curriculum)
“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle
Miroslav Nosál
Finance Director